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Workout Log 4/3/2014-11/3/2014


4/3/2014 -6.8 Kms Run + Yoga + legs
5/3/2014-Indoor Wall Climbing
6/3/2014 – Yoga
7/3/2014 – ~4 Kms TNT with Woodstock, trained alone, coaching the session
8/3/2014 – restday, lots of walking
9/3/2014 – 7 Km run  -Handicap. 34:03
10/3/2014 – 10 Km run
11/3/2014 – Boxercise

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Workout Log 22/2 – 3/3


22/2 – none
23/2 – brisk walk no idea how far it was @Manila
24/2 – none
25/2 – Ran 6.8 Km + core
26/2 – 1.5 hour climb
27/2 – 5 Km run
28/2 – arm weights + core
1/3 – 7 Km run
2/3 – Yoga + 1 hour climb
3/3 – none

Okey, I think my year is starting to pick up and going to get busy.  Not much work to do, however lots of learning and studying at work and uni and deadlines respectively. Eeek cramming!

Been tweeting and updating too via my onelifecat FB page if you noticed.

My gym membership with Hardcandy is now activated for March, rejoined them because they gave me the same deal the first time I joined them 2 years ago, not a bad deal. Free 6 months free. Run club at work is getting active. Tomorrow will be a start of the week’s workout, too busy today to fit something in, glad my muscles are saying im sore so that means rest.

I’ve registered for City2Surf, that will be my longest distance goal for the year.  I hope to still keep my red bib to run under 70 Mins for the 14Kms! I am daunted with the thought running that distance again.  I know i’m not the best runner, but any insane runner would understand how pressuring it could be coming back from injury, from a past of a good PB year and now its just starting all over again. Its not even getting faster, the learning processes of acceptance and letting go of pressuring and being hard on myself, and to focus and enjoy the run and able to run again is what I should be doing.

I’ve got a 71% score for my Jantastic for the month because I missed logging my runs when I was traveling. oh well it’s not the end of the world!

Hope you are keeping fit!

Workout log – 6/2/2014-21/2/2014


While I am on holidays, it’s always difficult to organize how to get fit, running routes (very hard to find runner friendly areas and strengthening).  Found out that Benguet State University where I am an alumni have new rules… I knew I’ve heard no ID policy before, but now they have placards saying “Jogging Time – 5am-7am.”

I was able to run 2x from 6pm and on the third time a guard told me “jogging” is not allowed on the time I was there.  I just told them I was on my way to the oval.  I found that annoying, being an alumni and if they are worried about pedestrian congestion, well, the university is closed at 6pm, officer finish at 5pm!

I was able to do my weight workout at a local gym – A&A near the provincial capitol where my sister go.  So I am glad to do few runs and some workouts to balance all the lots of eating as usual. :)

5/2/2014 – none
6/2/2014 – none
7/2/2014 – 7.6 Km @Makati neighborhood
8/2/2014 – none
9/2/2014 – 5 km + gym arms, core, legs
10/2/2014 – none
11/2/2014 – 5.7 km
12/2/2014 – none
13/2/2014 – none
14/2/2014 – 4.6 Km
15/2/2014 – gym – whole body workout
16/2/2014 – 5.7 km
18/2/2014 – 5.7 Km run + 8.4 Km Hike
19/2/2014 – 8.4 Km Hike
20/2/2014 – none
21/2/2014 – 8.9 km


Workout log 28/1/2014-3/2/2014


28/1/2014 – 7.57 Km Run
29/1/2014 – Wall climbing
30/1/2014 – 4.56 Km, 1 Mi PB with Woodstock Runners TNT
31/1/2014 – Wall climbing
1/2/2014 – 11.56 Km Run with Woodstock Runners
2/2/2014 – Yoga @ lululemon Balmain
3/2/2014 – Arm weights, Legs, Core
weight – 43Kls

Magic Mile at Woodstock Runner’s TNT – PB Mile and Kilometer!


Thirtieth of January 2014 and it’s Thursday.  Woodstock Runner’s Thursday Night Training, and this Thursday is not my coaching duties, still coughing, and did not know what the training is scheduled on that day.  But I was definitely going as it is also the end of the month Pub night!

Decided to just come back after work and change from home as I am picking team mate Lawrence anyway.  As I am trying to get something done at work, I accidentally pushed the time too close to 6PM and as I learned Lawrence got his license back too, so that is good news, He is happy to drive himself to TNT.

Got in the track just on time, no warm ups and learned it was Magic Mile and 400m repeats.  Racing a Mi or any speed work is always hard.  Conditions was hot and windy.

Did the drills lead by coach Angela and I was already buggered.  I knew I was going to be slow this day.  Wasn’t expecting anything, i’ve accepted I’m going to be slow.

And so coach Martin called out for the start of the Mile Run and told us to consider it as a race! *gulp, scared*

Looked around to see who I can pace with.  I did run with Jamie the last time, but she wasn’t there.  I knew Jenny is running well at the moment and I can try to be on her tail at least.

Four laps, that is how long it will take us to complete the mile.  I started conservatively, this is tricky as you do not want to blow your engine just yet.  The plan is going well, I was just behind Jen, and lap 2nd, I was breathing on her neck, I did not want to go in front of her as I knew she is faster than me, Lap 3, she wasn’t gearing up, yet I felt I can lead Lap 3 and try lap 4. So I got up ahead of her and just slowly picking my pace, we hit 1 Km at the 3rd lap as I heard my watch beep, and so I encouraged her there is 1 more lap to go and pick her pace up.  I can hear her breathing and she said “she’s trying” and I told her to keep on trying, at 200M to go, I told her to give it all and sprint it as I went, I can hear her breathing on my neck this time, so she pushed me too, it was a good race. As we crossed the line, I had my time at 6 mins 32, so I thought that was slower than the last one of 6.29.

But after the 400 m repeats that was the only time I finally stopped my watch, and it alarmed me I broke my mile record. Hah! Happy. 6.16. Surprise surprise!

Oh and I just found out as I am uploading my stats… I also beat my fastest 1K (based on nikeplus watch stats…i don’t know my 1K stats)

I only did seven 400m laps tho.  Was already hard enough.

Workout Log 21/1/2014-27/1/2014


21/1/2014 – 5.76 Km run
22/1/2014 – core+leg workout (squats, lunges, dead lifts) + 1 ++ hr wall climb
23/1/2014 – 5×3 min ~ 4 Kms
24/1/2014 – run through the city ~5Km
25/1/2014 – 7.11 Km with Woodstock Runners Saturday Training Run
26/1/2014 – 7 Km around the Bay – Australia Day Woodstock Run
27/1/2014 – Arms + Core
Weight = 43 Kls
** 3rd week still with cough :-/

Because I have weak core …


I was told by my Chiro (Chris and Toby of Spine Associates) last year, one “cause” of my “back pain” injury was because I have a weak core.

I was prescribed with number of core exercises .  It took me double the time I run, very time consuming, just like any sports health practitioner will give an injured person.  I did religiously did it, but not help, whenever I feel my “core” I felt it is still so soft and wobbly.

One day during my Chiro visit, Toby gave me new exercises and he told me that whenever I do the exercises i should engage and contract my core like rock hard, that he had to demonstrate to me that even when you are doing your normal routine of talking, walking, your “core” should be as strong when you are doing exercise.  He was talking to me and he asked me to feel that even when he was talking his core was engaged.

So that has been my project eversince.  Not a 6 pack but a stronger core, beneath all those 6 pack abs.  I noticed did help me strengthen my core, but the most exercise that I have noticed my core getting stronger was when i started doing wall climbing.  4-5 weeks of once a day climb of 2 hours amazingly did get me a core! I found my core after how many years!

And because of this, i am inspired to maintain my core strength and here are few of exercises I like doing and part of my 100+ crunches a day for 2014.

Fat Dogs – Learned this from our Level 2 coaching course.  Start in push-up positon with your feet together. Flex your right foot, bend your right leg, and bring it out to the side with your inner thigh facing the floor. Try to touch your knee to your elbow while slightly bending at your waist. Return the foot to starting position with control and switch sides. This counts as one rep, so complete this three times doing 50 reps each time.

Spider Crawl. Learned this from Barefoot Inc running workshop. Begin standing up with your feet shoulder-width apart. Circle your arms around and over your head and crawl into pushup position, keeping your legs straight. Do one pushup and slowly crawl back to starting position. Make sure your feet stay planted. Repeat 10 times and do three sets.

(Images from cosmopolitan)

And the competitorrunning from Lesley Patterson

And with my new wooohoo first ever android phone I downloaded an app called: Caynax A6W


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