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Workout Log 22/2 – 3/3


22/2 – none
23/2 – brisk walk no idea how far it was @Manila
24/2 – none
25/2 – Ran 6.8 Km + core
26/2 – 1.5 hour climb
27/2 – 5 Km run
28/2 – arm weights + core
1/3 – 7 Km run
2/3 – Yoga + 1 hour climb
3/3 – none

Okey, I think my year is starting to pick up and going to get busy.  Not much work to do, however lots of learning and studying at work and uni and deadlines respectively. Eeek cramming!

Been tweeting and updating too via my onelifecat FB page if you noticed.

My gym membership with Hardcandy is now activated for March, rejoined them because they gave me the same deal the first time I joined them 2 years ago, not a bad deal. Free 6 months free. Run club at work is getting active. Tomorrow will be a start of the week’s workout, too busy today to fit something in, glad my muscles are saying im sore so that means rest.

I’ve registered for City2Surf, that will be my longest distance goal for the year.  I hope to still keep my red bib to run under 70 Mins for the 14Kms! I am daunted with the thought running that distance again.  I know i’m not the best runner, but any insane runner would understand how pressuring it could be coming back from injury, from a past of a good PB year and now its just starting all over again. Its not even getting faster, the learning processes of acceptance and letting go of pressuring and being hard on myself, and to focus and enjoy the run and able to run again is what I should be doing.

I’ve got a 71% score for my Jantastic for the month because I missed logging my runs when I was traveling. oh well it’s not the end of the world!

Hope you are keeping fit!

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