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SMC, First Race in almost 1 year 3 months!


The last time I pushed myself in a in race mode was October 2012, 4Km at Sri Chinmoy at the Bay Run. I knew I was already running in injury by that time. And was the same month I admitted myself for treatment for my back. Since then, I was told not to run.

Late 2013, back from my US trip, I wanted to get fitter, my injury still unknown till now, and was told that it is chronic. Can sound frustrating, but told myself to just take it easy, run at my own pace, do light exercises just to get back. So by the end of 2013, I planned to just do shorter race for now. Park Runs, 5Kms, 4 Kms..maybe really short ones…like track races.

To get the goals ticked, I scheduled and plan to run a park run or 3rd weekend of January. I wasn’t feeling 100% for more than 2 weeks now because of a cough. But yes, because I am stubborn, if you can see my workout logs, i still did some exercises. Maybe it is not good for me. I was contemplating of doing Parkrun at St. Peter’s last 18/1/2014, however assessing how my legs were feeling when I did my own Pyramid session Thursday before with the Woodstock Runners, I don’t think I’d be up for hills. So I decided to do 5Kms at Sydney Marathon Clinic.

This my first race for this new course, so I did not know what to expect. I did suss out the results from the past 5Kms and I feel pressured by myself to do good. But Matt told me to just go and enjoy the run. So I stopped worrying about the time and told myself to go have a go in racing. I do put a very high expectation on myself, and bit disappointed I’m less fitter less quick, but I always try to remind myself, I should be thankful I can run, and do some exercise. Who cares about the time?? It is just ourselves really, we are our own competition.

Got to Smithfield just after 630am just before the half Marathon runners are to start at 7am. Enough time to warm up and just soak up the fun run atmosphere again. Saw a lot of familiar faces. And while waiting I kept telling myself to just go and enjoy the run. Plus I was coughing, I do not know what impact this condition will give me. Anyway off we went at 8am. Running with my Nike Plus watch, i turned it on, but not intending to look at the time or distance, which I could not resist doing. Looked at it twice, and the timing and the distance were off comparing to the kilometer markers along the course. So that was confusing for me. The course is very different compared to the old course. I find it harder. The traffic free course though is better along a bike path, in the bushes. What I did not like were the main big power lines. I figured out it could have been the culprit why my watch is acting up.

The distance from the Nike Plus is not right …

With friend Manal from MRG Fitness

BluesBuffet of Coolrunning and Runningcat

Photo credits from Manal of MRG Fitness.

I started slow, but I think was not that slow, I had to stop and walk at first water stop.  I remembered passing two females, where one of them I call Ms Butterfly as she was wearing her pink wings.  She caught to me at the turn around point and left me after wards.  She was very encouraging though and I was going neck to neck with her Husband – I figured that out when Ms Butterfly is running back, a daughter says go mom and comes next yelled out go dad.  I was already feeling a stitch after the water station and can hear the water  “splashing” like the “plop-plop” sound in my stomach.  How could that be? I just had a sip? How annoying.  Tried to ignore while I massage the side stitch.

At the start line, behind Ms. Butterfly

Maybe 1.5 more kilometers to go, 2nd time I gave up and walked again until Ms butterfly’s husband went passed me and said, not long to go.  So I picked the pace up.. Tried to tell myself to just run beside him so I don’t walk, but the problem with my legs it just goes quicker, and I feel awkward he picked me up and I am about to leave him… he will understand I told myself.  All I am happy to do was under 25 Mins.  I am so unfamiliar of the course I did not know when we are close to the finish or not, I can see the industrial buildings and a tennis court, I wasn’t sure and could not even remember if that’s where the start was! But when I saw a glimpse of the banners at the start maybe 600m to the finish, I just tried to speed up and called out to ms butterfly’s hubby to pick it up and run harder.  I come closer to the finish and saw the time it was 8:23:53 and so I ran quicker to try to be just under 24 mins (funny how the goal just changed like that from under 25 to under 24).

Crossed the line, tired and hot.  Thinking if I would have not stopped and walk, would have I be able to be under 23 minutes? But I stopped the self talk, and instead was appreciative that I got under 24 minutes and the goal was to enjoy the run, run under 25 mins, after no racing for a year and 3 months.  I am happy and content.

Dr. Matthew Bulman of The Runner’s Clinic was also there to provide free services for the runners, which was very popular. Very long queue!

The SMC has changed since the last time I ran with them.. They had more food, lots of drinks, not just water, but no more of that packet water along the course.  More sponsors and the results were straight up available after the run. I will miss next month but this is a good start for 2014. Happy.

Event: Sydney Marathon Clinic Series
Distance: 5Km
Time: 23:37.3

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  1. 24/01/2014 4:38 pm

    Congrats and welcome back to racing!

    • witchkitty permalink*
      24/01/2014 5:55 pm

      Salamat! Ikaw kelan ka balik sa Intervals? may Monday option na next month! 🙂

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