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Magic Mile at Woodstock Runner’s TNT – PB Mile and Kilometer!


Thirtieth of January 2014 and it’s Thursday.  Woodstock Runner’s Thursday Night Training, and this Thursday is not my coaching duties, still coughing, and did not know what the training is scheduled on that day.  But I was definitely going as it is also the end of the month Pub night!

Decided to just come back after work and change from home as I am picking team mate Lawrence anyway.  As I am trying to get something done at work, I accidentally pushed the time too close to 6PM and as I learned Lawrence got his license back too, so that is good news, He is happy to drive himself to TNT.

Got in the track just on time, no warm ups and learned it was Magic Mile and 400m repeats.  Racing a Mi or any speed work is always hard.  Conditions was hot and windy.

Did the drills lead by coach Angela and I was already buggered.  I knew I was going to be slow this day.  Wasn’t expecting anything, i’ve accepted I’m going to be slow.

And so coach Martin called out for the start of the Mile Run and told us to consider it as a race! *gulp, scared*

Looked around to see who I can pace with.  I did run with Jamie the last time, but she wasn’t there.  I knew Jenny is running well at the moment and I can try to be on her tail at least.

Four laps, that is how long it will take us to complete the mile.  I started conservatively, this is tricky as you do not want to blow your engine just yet.  The plan is going well, I was just behind Jen, and lap 2nd, I was breathing on her neck, I did not want to go in front of her as I knew she is faster than me, Lap 3, she wasn’t gearing up, yet I felt I can lead Lap 3 and try lap 4. So I got up ahead of her and just slowly picking my pace, we hit 1 Km at the 3rd lap as I heard my watch beep, and so I encouraged her there is 1 more lap to go and pick her pace up.  I can hear her breathing and she said “she’s trying” and I told her to keep on trying, at 200M to go, I told her to give it all and sprint it as I went, I can hear her breathing on my neck this time, so she pushed me too, it was a good race. As we crossed the line, I had my time at 6 mins 32, so I thought that was slower than the last one of 6.29.

But after the 400 m repeats that was the only time I finally stopped my watch, and it alarmed me I broke my mile record. Hah! Happy. 6.16. Surprise surprise!

Oh and I just found out as I am uploading my stats… I also beat my fastest 1K (based on nikeplus watch stats…i don’t know my 1K stats)

I only did seven 400m laps tho.  Was already hard enough.

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