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VFF Diary

Yes, I am on experiment, some think I got victimized of product advertisement, my partner would like to throw the pair away as he thinks its going to hurt my foot. (Which I call it my barefoot shoes rather than VFF as itis easier for him to remember)

I am on experiment on my Vibram Five Fingers and swore to only run it as far as around the bay which is 8Kmish from where I live or on Thursday-Nights-Interval trainings and or the grassy track.  Get updated how I go … 🙂

VFF Komodo Sports:

11/09/2011 – First 8KM XC race, felt good
Been to few Bay runs,
Its been more of a Gym Shoe
one TNT – night on June – Feels like wearing my nike Frees but little bit lighter and less cushioning, I like my VFF Sprint better on the track
23/06/2011 – This week I got my VFF Komodo Sport – read the blog entry here

VFF Sprints:
Since this date, I only have been running with my VFF during Thursdays at the Track and have had no problems at all, can not remember when the calf and achiles strain stopped hurting.  I believe I have worn them things already. Yey! Find out how much distance I put on it every Thursday, at it has been my regular Thursday Running shoe, ,except on Hill sessions here:
21/10/10-5Km Intervals at Woodstock Runner’s TNT
14/10/10-4.5 Km recover jog/run at Woodstock TNT, defenitely, it was not the cause of my foot injury.
27/09-01/10 – Been walking with it while in Melbourne for work, colleagues thought I was walking barefoot with no shoes but just socks on!, Went to a gym once on a workout
26/09/2010-8Km Run, right phalanges painful seem because of the long run with the Nikes on Thursday
23/09/2010- 8.70 KM Bike, 8.69 Km Elliptical
15/09/2010-22.41 Km Gym Elliptical
2/09/2010 – 8.08++ Kms , TNT interal sessions with Woodstock, 1600,1200, 800, 400 and reverse with half time rest period. calves sore
** Note: 3 days of recovery from the sore calves.  Other runners asked me what does VFF/Mimicking barefoot bring for you and your legs.  Since when did I have them? Do you run everyday with it?(No, I run with my Nike Free on other days), Blistering on toes are still there when you go hard.  What was my longest run on it.  I am still transitioning and learning how to run going downhills, I mean big hills.  Running with it gives you less springy action, so its harder and your feet does hard work as mentioned before.  I look forward to the day when my feet is stronger and can break my PBs with shoes!
28/8/2010-7Km Run,”first race” ever on VFF, 34.24 for 7km.
20/8/2010-Gym, Bike, Elliptical, 6KM Run
10/8/2010 – Gym, Elliptical
6/8/2010 – Gym Elliptical and core5/8/2010 – Gym, Bike and weights
29/07/2010-Run, Hill Training 5Km.  Sore and Tight Calves.  Good going uphill, difficult shifting momentum away from heel when going downhill.  Calves and achilles are getting used to this footware.  Not getting so much DOMS on achilles and calf anymore!
27/07/2010-Run 11.5 Km, Gym-Elliptical, Arm weights, Longest Run yet with the VFFs, Hard and can feel soreness at 8Kmish
26/07/2010-Gym – Bike, Elliptical
23/07/2010-6KM run
20/07/2010-Gym, Bike, Elliptical, Weights
12/07/2010-Bike, Hill reps, no pain but not after 2 days.  Calves are tight again.
08/07/2010-Interval training; 3minx6 times, feel running in the rain, no watch.
07/01/2010-Interval training; 800×4; 1.2×2
24/6/2010-First time to the grassy oval track, first in this year to do intervals on my own! 400 x 12.  Splits: (2:01:0, 1.59.3, 1:57.5, 1:51.0, 1:57.3, 1:54.4, 1:56.3, 1:54.7, 2:02.0, 2:36.8, 2:40.8, 1:52:00).  Very good foot wear to wear in intervals in Track Oval.  Light as if you are flying.  I love it!
22/6/2010-Gym – Rower, Bike, Elliptical, Treadmill and Core!
16/6/2010-Gym – Bike and Machine weights.  Calves pain gone!
10/6/2010 – Was planning to go for a 10Km run with it, after few hundered meters I still can feel very sore calves I had to make a smart decision to turn back change shoes and run and survive the distance, but It was too dark and it was untolerable pain, I decided to go to the gym instead.  Bike, elliptical and free weights. Calves really hurt.
9/6/2010 – To the gym.  Bike and Machine weights, Calves still hurt 😦
4/6/2010-Took it out for a run for its first hills in Balmain.  Just after a pouring rain.  I still can feel the sand It took from Surfer’s paradise in between my toes.  I was concerned about its grip on the wet path conditions, surprisingly, It has more grip than a running shoes have.  I think, and observed from the last3 runs, I am getting used to running “barefootish” with this foot wear.  Making me consider of running with it on a race.  It took the hills very well, It was easy like a shoe even without the bounce and spring effect to help your momentum against the gravity.  Two days after the run, my calves are hurting big time, so worked out on that run.  No achilles pains this time. Finished the whole 8Kms without walking up the hills.
23/05/2010 – @Surfer’s Paradise, Goldcoast, QLD – 6.5 KM at the beach 1st time, soft and hard sand!, and at the theme park (Wet and wild and dream world – lots of stares and admiration on the foot wear kids and adults alike!)
22/05/2010 – @Surfer’s Paradise, Goldcoast, QLD – Run Beach Foot Path, 6KM, after haitus of it due to recovery of ankle sprain
22/04/2010 – Gym: Elliptical 3.19 Km, Bike 7.69 Km
22/04/2010 – Gym: Elliptical 3.19, Bike 8.69 Km
17/04/2010- Brisk Walk, 5Km
07/04/2010-Gym:Elliptical 3.75, Rowing machine 1Km, Bike: 8.69
03/04/2010 – Dog walking!
28/03/2010 – Bike ride to the Bay approx 12Km easy ride, went to watch Sri Chinmoy’s Bay Run Race.  I got few people asking me, do you run with those shoes? What are those? and nice shoes! 🙂
25/03/2010-Gym:elliptical 2.80 Km + Bike 8.9 Km
23/03/2010 – Gym: elliptical 7.79 Km
20/03/2010 – to shopping center, drove with them. get people stares. My neice saw my blisters in my big toe when I was taking the VFFs off and she says… ewwe what’s that?
19/03/2010-6 KM walk, then a pub crawl
17/03/2010 – Gym: 7.40 Km Elliptical
16/03/2010 – Gym: 16.70Km Bike, 3.5 Km Elliptical, Tomi asks me “What’s on your foot?”
10/03/2010- Gym: Bike: 6.56 Km Run: 2.6 Km, Weights
06/03/2010-Outdoor Run 7.3 Km – Good!
5/3/2010 – Gym- 3.17 Km Elliptical, weights-whole body
04/03/2010- Gym: Elliptical 3.70, Weights
3/3/2010 – Out for a longish run with them! 8Kms! As I noticed since I ran with them from 3Kms you realize you do more(i mean more) effort than running with shoes.  Your feet, your toes and ankles and thighs and calves gets the workout.  Slower than when wearing shoes but it feels like more of a workout!  Got used to pebbles and branches already running on dirt, pavement and asphalt i don’t mind 🙂 Blisters on my big toes nothing major bleeding. Day after? No achilles/ankle/calf pain, surprisingly!
02/03/2010-Outdoor Run 7.3Km  – Good!
25/02/2010 -Outdoor Run- 5:30 Km – Good!
22/02/2010 – Gym – 11.29 Km Bike, 2.7 Km Elliptical
22/2/2010-Gym- Elliptical, bike
16/2/2010-Gym-elliptical, 4.3Km Run outdoor, gets difficult after passing 3Km
15/2/2010-Gym-stationary bike, 3Km run Outdoor, achiles aches just a little
13/2/2010- Gym-stationary bike, 2.90Km run.  1st run Outdoor!, Different but hurts when treading on pebbles and fallen branches; Day-after: achiles and ankles hurt big time!
10/2/2010 -Gym-elliptical,weights, 1Km Km Run treadmill, get easier to slip and wear
9/2/2010 – Gym-elliptical, 0.90Km Km Run treadmill
4/2/2010 – Gym-rowing machine, 0.096km run! in treadmill 1st run with it, day I was told i can do jogging in place. Got blister on left foot, must’ve been too loose
2/2/2010 – Gym – Stationary bike, weights
1/2/2010 -Gym – Stationary bike
26/01/2010- Gym – Stationary bike.  Took some time to wear it.  Uncomfy on right foot pinky
26/01/2010- Got VFFs SPRINTS!! – Excited!

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  1. 17/03/2010 4:52 pm

    Great experiment. Looks like it’s going well. Good luck sticking to your promise of only 8km-ish… running in VFF is way too much like child’s play. Addicting!

    It is hey. Can you tell? :p


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