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Because I have weak core …


I was told by my Chiro (Chris and Toby of Spine Associates) last year, one “cause” of my “back pain” injury was because I have a weak core.

I was prescribed with number of core exercises .  It took me double the time I run, very time consuming, just like any sports health practitioner will give an injured person.  I did religiously did it, but not help, whenever I feel my “core” I felt it is still so soft and wobbly.

One day during my Chiro visit, Toby gave me new exercises and he told me that whenever I do the exercises i should engage and contract my core like rock hard, that he had to demonstrate to me that even when you are doing your normal routine of talking, walking, your “core” should be as strong when you are doing exercise.  He was talking to me and he asked me to feel that even when he was talking his core was engaged.

So that has been my project eversince.  Not a 6 pack but a stronger core, beneath all those 6 pack abs.  I noticed did help me strengthen my core, but the most exercise that I have noticed my core getting stronger was when i started doing wall climbing.  4-5 weeks of once a day climb of 2 hours amazingly did get me a core! I found my core after how many years!

And because of this, i am inspired to maintain my core strength and here are few of exercises I like doing and part of my 100+ crunches a day for 2014.

Fat Dogs – Learned this from our Level 2 coaching course.  Start in push-up positon with your feet together. Flex your right foot, bend your right leg, and bring it out to the side with your inner thigh facing the floor. Try to touch your knee to your elbow while slightly bending at your waist. Return the foot to starting position with control and switch sides. This counts as one rep, so complete this three times doing 50 reps each time.

Spider Crawl. Learned this from Barefoot Inc running workshop. Begin standing up with your feet shoulder-width apart. Circle your arms around and over your head and crawl into pushup position, keeping your legs straight. Do one pushup and slowly crawl back to starting position. Make sure your feet stay planted. Repeat 10 times and do three sets.

(Images from cosmopolitan)

And the competitorrunning from Lesley Patterson

And with my new wooohoo first ever android phone I downloaded an app called: Caynax A6W

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