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That was my first reaction secretly when I got the gift from Matt for Christmas.
Scared and excited.  I did not know what to expect.

I’ve been wall climbing for a bit now maybe more than 10 x and well okey it’s time to take the action out doors.  I like bush walking and adventure so he thought I would love the idea.  What was he thinking?!?!

I’ve never experienced canyoning before, but had abseiled. I’m scared of sudden drops – roller-coaster-kind-of-feeling, but I’m fine with heights as long as there’s something that protects me like a security blanket.

So anyway, the date was booked, woke up early to head up the Mountains.

Left Katoomba with the River Deep Mountain High‘s van with our gear and food.  Arrived at the Rocky Creek Trail, sorted our bags – dry bag, change of warm clothes, camera, phones, food, ropes, helmet and the wet suit.

It was a steep descent and just before we hit the start of the canyons, we were instructed to change into our wet suits and we put on our harnesses.

And so the adventure started. If I can remember there were 5-6 slides, 4 water pools, two of them I slid, 2 or them I was coaxed to jump – which was the 2nd challenging part for the day.  One I was scared of overshooting the pool and landing on the creek —eeek, 2nd, the pool looks deep, so dark, I felt like its going to swallow me and last was the jump – and I was laughing by myself when I saw how high the jump was, it wasn’t even high ~ 3-5 meters?  Few short abseils.

The jumping was actually okey.. ha ha. Swimming back was hard.  We had the dry back pack on us where we have our change of clothes and food and mine seem to have too much air on it or the fit was just too big that i couldn’t swim properly. I’m not a good swimmer but I can manage to float and that was even making it hard.  Glad Matt helped me get into the dry land!

The water is so cold, that I was shivering during lunch.  The reason the guide asked us to take advantage all the sunlight we can get.  Unfortunately, I did not want to risk my camera that much, and the photos of how beautiful the the canyons is, is saved in my brain’s memory bank.  The rock formation, the plants the creek.  Saw a water dragon and a blue tongue lizard too.

Conclusion? I’m not friend with Matt anymore for putting me in such challenge… just kidding! I did enjoyed the day and is thankful for the experience! maybe an Intermediate canyoning next time? (*eyes widen*)

(on my to dos for 2014, I will start blogging whatever, does not necessarily need to be races.)

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