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Workout log – 6/2/2014-21/2/2014


While I am on holidays, it’s always difficult to organize how to get fit, running routes (very hard to find runner friendly areas and strengthening).  Found out that Benguet State University where I am an alumni have new rules… I knew I’ve heard no ID policy before, but now they have placards saying “Jogging Time – 5am-7am.”

I was able to run 2x from 6pm and on the third time a guard told me “jogging” is not allowed on the time I was there.  I just told them I was on my way to the oval.  I found that annoying, being an alumni and if they are worried about pedestrian congestion, well, the university is closed at 6pm, officer finish at 5pm!

I was able to do my weight workout at a local gym – A&A near the provincial capitol where my sister go.  So I am glad to do few runs and some workouts to balance all the lots of eating as usual. 🙂

5/2/2014 – none
6/2/2014 – none
7/2/2014 – 7.6 Km @Makati neighborhood
8/2/2014 – none
9/2/2014 – 5 km + gym arms, core, legs
10/2/2014 – none
11/2/2014 – 5.7 km
12/2/2014 – none
13/2/2014 – none
14/2/2014 – 4.6 Km
15/2/2014 – gym – whole body workout
16/2/2014 – 5.7 km
18/2/2014 – 5.7 Km run + 8.4 Km Hike
19/2/2014 – 8.4 Km Hike
20/2/2014 – none
21/2/2014 – 8.9 km


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