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That what’s the title is all about.  Saka-saka from the Ilocano tribe dialect it means barefoot.

When we were toddlers we actually started walking and running barefoot around the house.  Even today, I love walking in barefoot in my flat.  It is more relaxing than wearing thongs/slippers.

Growing from the Cordilleras of the Philippines, while growing up, i see old native folks walking barefoot in the streets.  My mother-side cousins play and run barefoot and I thought it was cool and I tried it one day and it hell hurts with the pebbles and gravel.  Finishing my elementary and highschool at a state university, number of the track athletes during sports meets and intramurals they run around the track barefoot.  Some can afford to buy shoes, but some of the athletes whom are my friends/classmates told me that they run quicker with barefoot.

It must’ve hurt i am telling myself.  But if they are used to it just like my cousin and the native folks then why not.

Now, few of the races I’ve been to, I see one barefoot runner in Manila.  He runs barefoot, and shoe companies thought he can not afford to buy shoes so they sponsored him.  He wore the shoes to the venue but placed the pair in his backside when he ran!

Then another barefoot runner I often see here in races in Sydney runs in his home-made running sandals, slowmo.

Never thought of trying to run barefoot since the experience of trying to play and run barefoot when I was kid, however since i am so injury prone on my legs I have been reading measures of correction and prevention to injury.  Not that it says it actually treats injury, as I mentioned in the past few writings that what works for one doesn’t work for everybody.  So the mentioning of barefoot running can correct or avoid injuries.  Since we should be avoiding heel strike as it gives more impact to your body (I thought I will let readers do the googling as there are a lot there to read on pros and cons) heel strike can be corrected by the shoe you wear.  One suggestion is running barefoot, or use minimal shoes.

This is a contradictory study that some would advice the more cushioning the better protection in your feet.  And here comes barefoot running!  Okey I am not actually going to attempt a barefoot run yet.  I am on transition of trying to try and see if this works for me or not.

Yes my injury got me loony! (Some people think that running KMs is looney enough, so that makes me double looney!)

A few running mates think barefoot running is loops.  Well it is worth a try, an expensive one.  Expensive that it might give me more injuries, and two the shoes I am thinking of getting is not that cheap either.  So while on the period of saving for a Vibram five fingers I have been doing my homework to research about this barefoot shoes/minimalist shoes.  It mentions that on transition Nike Frees are recommended and so are beach slippers/shoes.

Last two months last year I have been running with my old Nike Frees 5.0 which I have started avoiding to run with a year ago on the road since some say it doesn’t provide enough cushioning in the feet.  Although I really love them as if you are wearing nothing i ony use them when running in the treamill.  But I am starting to give transitioning to barefoot a try.  I had less and less pain eversince I started running in them again that it actually improved my 9Km time.  Well this is not just this.  I won 3rd in a 10Km race before using the same shoes.  I am convininced that very well cushioned shoes could not be for me.

So that I decided to buy a new pair of Nike Frees that I ordered through e-bay since it it is hard to find the old ones, I fitted the new ones but they are not as comfy and light as the old ones.  And that I have been eyeing VFF still.   And finally got the cheapest I guess! from kayakshed at 79USD(87AUD all in all around 105AUD including shipping) compared to 199AUD! local price at adventure stores.  Since this is an experiment, I was not willing to pay 200bux for something that I will get hurt.

So yes, I am barefoot in transition and here are my babies.  No, I will not use VFF in long distance running and I would consider stocking up with the Nike Frees :p  Keep updated with chronicles of me and my VFF here.

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