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Shoe Review: Vibram Five Finger’s Komodo Sport


Around early this year, when I have been eyeing on getting an upgrade of my Vibram Five Fingers.  What pushed me to look for another one when I run with my sprints in two Sri Chinmoy events, one was a 14KM cross country, and I had issues of pebbles and debris getting into the foot wear since it is too open and just velcro straps like-maryjanes-style shoe.  I was looking at the VFF Bikila last year, I went to try it at Adventure Megastore.  I did not like it.  It was too tight and snug and the fabric was too thick for me, and the soles were too thick, I did not like it.  So I waited.  And come April, Vibram Five Fingers brought out set of new styles amongst them is VFF Komodo Sport.

I liked how the profile and description of the shoe, that it has been improved, with grip rubber soles, seamless stiching and is more appropriate in cross training, and running in the bush.  So this sucked me in to get one.  I have been trying to find where I can buy online and that ships internationally as that time no one in Sydney/Australia have them yet, but US already have them.  Last march when I went to Singapore I saw one of my size, but as expensive as the VFFs in Sydney, but I shun away from it.  Not until I found this shop, that sells online and ships internationally!! I already wore them a couple of times at the gym, and once on a run, so here my review about the footwear.

Price: Cheaper online.  Local shops sell VFF Komodo from AUD 200-269.  I bought mine $99 + Shipping of 6 days $65 = $ 155! Still cheaper including shipping.  Still reasonable, taking into consideration running shoes that are not on special costs around $130++.

Feel and Comfort: VFF Komodo, come in size bigger than the VFF Sprints, which I was a bit hesitant when I bought it and thinking, come what may when I get it.  Since I have a very small feet, I thought, I’d just wear my Injinji socks together to compensate the space.  But — since I have weird shaped toes, the Injinji socks combo really did not work, i had to ditch wearing socks.

It is indeed bigger than my sprints, but I can adjust the velcro straps.  It is more difficult to slip in than that of a sprint since it is more enclosed.  Feels snug but not as snugged as Bikila.  The back bit on the hill and ankle section is a bit too high compared to the sprint that sits very low.  I might need getting use to that part.

Went to run with it, I had to stop 2 times to adjust the velcro to a comfortable setting as I tightened it afraid that it is too big for me might come off or my feet would wiggle, surprisingly I needed the slack and comfort than it being too fitted.  After the adjustments, I think the size difference with my Sprint and the Komodo wont bother me at all, just the heel.

Toe pockets are all good.  Ran on the grass, on the gravel, on the dirt, on concrete, on clay and on asphalt, you can feel less impact and feel the pebbles and twigs and rocks less than what you feel from the sprint.

It feels like almost wearing a shoe – but not quite, you still do not get the bounce effect you get from a shoe.  i think this is a good transition from a minimalist shoe like Nike Frees then to Komodo then to Sprints then to Barefoot if you are planning to go that way.

I finished the 8KM run better than i handled wearing the sprints, unless my feet/legs has already been accustomed to wearing my VFFs that there were no sore achiles, ankles or calves.  I think I still get sore calves from my sprints, so must be the thicker sole of the Komodo that makes it different.

No pebbles this time, and it was good for a winter minimalist footwear than the sprints.  I’d give it a 4 and 1/4 paw rating out of 5.

Look: I bought the Blue and yellow, to match my Woodstock colors, and the black and yellow or black and grey is too boring.  I already wear too much black and greys at work.  The Komodos have reflectorized bits compared to the Sprint which has none.  So it is safer running in the dark.

I might wear it today at the Interval Session Training with the Woodstock at the track(grass) and see how I go, taken that the track is dry … i am not ready to soil my VFF Komodos with Mud yet. 🙂

Update after the interval training: Ran in the grass around the track, Komodo gives your more traction, less slippery considering the grass is misty from the winter mist compared to the Sprints.  Although I notice the Sprints are lighter in the feet.  Still get achilles soreness :).

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  1. 12/07/2011 1:10 pm

    I still can’t get used to the look of those things. Where are the cartoons from?

    haha.. I make the comics online 🙂

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