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Woodstock Handicap series culmination ’11


The Handicap culmination has been moved a weekend later because there were races were on the same Saturday.

Friday night is me and Tez’ going out night if we’re not too exhausted from work.  And this is one of the days, we went out had some drinks and relaxed.  Had too few not too many just enough to relax and make me lazy.  But I was determined to go run the alcohol off the following weekend.  Besides its the last Handicap for the year and I am on 2nd/3rd place point for the series.

So that saturday, ,I was lazy did not want to wake up but I have to! I drove to the Brett Park andfound no parking!!! And I went around the block 3 times and the time I nominated was 33 minutes and they were already off :(.  I am so late.

I finally got a parking and run 200+meters to the start and that was my warm up! I had to start with the quickest Barney! Sarah who is as quick as me was also late and just started 5 minutes before us.  I was told to just run the same time as Barney.  Stuff it i said with the time as long as I finish and burn calories I told myself.

Of course there is no way I can run as quick as Barney.  However i can see Sarah from afar maybe a kilometer away.  If at least I can catch Sarah and just tail her.  Slowly I worked my way to Sarah’s speed, and Did have few more energy and passed her.  There was no one I can remember after that, can’t see anyone, Barney was away, So i was running on my own as quickly as I can.  I did stop twice for water making sure Sarah does not pass me.

And I did finish.  52 seconds slower than my nominated time, but I am happy.  Still the quickest female for that Saturday.  But looks like I wont be in the top 3 for the series’s best of 3 out of the 4 races.

Location: Bay Run
Distance: 7KM
Time: 33:52

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  1. 03/02/2012 11:50 pm

    I would like to congratulate you on achieving such a long run in a very short span of time , no matter you could not maintain your racing speed as per your nominated time. But if you are happy then its fine but try to learn from these mistakes and make your self be much proud next time.

    thanks and regards.

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