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Bare Creek Run: Quicker than I thought


I have been so much slack this year blogging writing about my race reports/training runs.

I don’t know why.  But that does mean I have been slack in my runs.

So I am back.  This is months late but I will write about it.

This Sunday, the race option is Fisher’s ghost or Bare Creek Trail Run.  We have a tight schedule too.  We were invited by Angela to join them on a lunch cruise on that Sunday so I needed to choose an option so we don’t miss the lunch Cruise.

Also the night before, it was Barney’s, a woodie mate, who is going back to London, drink nights before him and his wife Claire go home to UK.  So I was weighing about fun and the the race after.  I can not remember but that Friday too we had a big night out, so I decided to just do the hardedr different run – Bare Creek Trail run.

Why?  Gives me an excuse I can be slower – because its a new course for me, a race I haven’t tried, and its a trail run, So I was going to run it for fun.  Oh and its nearer to home and I’d have enough time to shower and head to the lunch committment we did not want to miss!

Also, another consideration of the race, this was ran by Elmarie last year and she has been bragging how fun it was and the Woodies should run next year.  So its worth a try!  Although a little part of me wanted to do the Fisher’s ghost for the reason of the team competition, but no one but Dot, John and Jeff only registered for that race an still would not be enough for us to qualify as a team.

Race day.   Got to – had toregister on the day.  Did my pre-race stuff, then saw Elmarie! Who just came back from injury.  She won the women’s last year.

Tez decided to drive me and come with me, sent me to the start line.  We were briefed that there will be 2 KM downhill and uphill.  There will be no water stations as we will be running in a National Park.  I was wearing my Vibram FF Komodos and brought my Adidas carry bottle, hoping it will last me for the 10KMs.

Elmarie was worried about my choice of footwear, she said there are sharp rocks and its pretty rugged.  Uh-oh, so I told her I will just take it real slow on those bit.

So off we go.  Sure it was downhill on VERY rough course.  Elmarie was right.  Sharp stone and rocks, on clay slippery soil.  The trail is more uneven due to erosion caused by water flowing in the ground.  Gee I can feel the rocks in my feet! I just had to take it slow.  There were small creeks from small falls along the path.  Number of them actually that you have to hop or run accross or around it. I was already getting worried going back thinking about that descent at start we had to climb up.  Along the course it was up and down up and down.

Hilly.  It was actually a popular race and technical i can not remember much of my competitors.  Hmm maybe one of that very fit mascular lady in Virgin Fitness singlet and a lady who was in neon adidas singlet.  They were ahead of me and very strong.  Although at the last 7ish KM i was surprised to pass miss neon singlet lady.  I was actually enjoying the run, I was not worried about my finish time.  I told Tez I will be back around 1 hour and 20 minutes.  I am very new to trail run you see.

Alas, we are almost back and can see the road now.  The finish is about/around 200-300 m of pavement, uphill.  Steep.  I never walked in the bush, but looking at how steep and tired I was now I did consider walking and I did, but made sure to run and keep my position.  I thought I had a strong finish at the end and I am happy I finished it.  Also, was more than happy, I finished the race quicker than I thought at: 55:40!!  Photos are not yet up but 😦

Location: Garrigal National Park, St. Ives
Distance: 10KM
Time: 55:40, 4th AgeCat

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  1. 03/02/2012 11:58 pm

    Congratulations on achieving 10 km in just 55 minutes, running on bare creek trail run is really a tough job to do , but your courage and positive attitude has made you to proud on your achievement. Best of luck for your future.

    thanks and well wishes

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