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I’m home to run: Run4Change ’12


Last race for the year of 2011.

My yearly going hometo my country as well.

4 days after my arrival, 4 days after a run in Singapore.

Mon of Happy Feet, no fail, registered me.  I was there early.  It was a drizzly morning.  Not sure, not much show up.  Maybe because of the Corregidor Half Marathon? No idea.

A “hilly” route.  That reason why it is held in McKinnley hills.  the location speaks for itself.  As usual I did not know how I’d go with the run after a travel, jet lag, humidity, I will just have to run and try to enjoy it.

Got a big Medal and a loot bag full of goodies! run4Change is a charity supporting  youth less fortunate in schools.

Mon Domingo and Gillego at Happy feet Tent

It was better than I can remember from the last year I’vedone it, NOT – from the second half.  I was on position 3 for ladies the first 2 KMs, and was not sure after that If there was someone in front of me.  I just kept on Running and running and mentally spoke myself into not walking, even how slow I would go today, no walking!! Guess what?? Surprisingly, I took the 1st female overall, not that quick – not much elites around except for “Bhabes” who came seconds after me, who complained about not enough sleep and Miss Calma who came third.  How did I beat this ladies? I do not know, I was just following them years ago!! – Call that Runner’s high.  They pushed me in some way!

Location: Mckinnley Hills, Taguig, Philippines
Distance: 10Km
Time: 49:35 1st F’Oall/10thOall, Course PB

Results and Photos

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