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Central Coast Marathon: Course PB


Kim who is moving to Hawaii for years advertised this run at the Woodstock FB page as it will be her last Oz run for now till they come back.  Number of us signed up so with Marty’s parents from UK.

I signed up for the half-marathon.  I’ve done the course twice.  It wasn’t that bad, because it’s flat.  Just narrow and it is usually humid that season.  I remember the last one 2010, it was so hot and they ran out of water at the stations:( i feel terrible.

We asked favor from Tez’s mom if we can stay overnight so we did not have to worry about paying accommodation. And we did.  Co,aptred to a failed airbed from last year. I am not really that worried, however the humidity during this event and time of the year always worries me.

I drove to teh event but had to ask Tez to park the car as he will have to run his 10KM later, I still need to pick my Bib and my chip.

The weather seem to be alright.  Still hard to tell if it was going to be humid or not.  Saw the Woodies queued up for their race packets as well.  It was a long hectic queue and race start is minutes to start, I havent done my “need for the toilet due to nerves” yet!

Got my bib, it was the first time someone else is doing the organization this time, wish they would have opened an event expo the day before the race.

Just enough time that I was able to go to the toilet and jogged to the start, 5 minutes before start.

Did a quick Woodie bonding and off we go.  Due to the rains days before the race, there are so much slucge and puddles along the way, I just did run through them instead of going around them, I knew I was going to suffer for having wet shoes, but I tried as much as i can not to get my shoes soaking wet.


Maybe around 5Kms

Surprisingly, it was pleasant run, I did stop for few water stops an walked, and tried to catch the ladies who overtook me during the water stops.  As usual, some are succesful, some are not.  But I can feel i will have a better time than the last year – last time I did this run.

To the Finish!

I am so glad to see the finish and my watch says 1:45:xx. Course PB!

Location: The Entrance, Central Coast, NSW, Australia
Distance: Half-marathon
Time: 1:45:44 Course PB


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