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Urban Max adventure 2011


I haven’t done any adventure race in Sydney that involves other else aside from physical challenges and I am always curious and the activity fascinates me.  I was keeping an eye on a suitable adventure race I can do, without a crazy swim and a bungee jump or a mountain bike.  This is because I am a terrible swimmer, and biker and my fear of heights.

Then I saw the Max Adventure Urban Race in Sydney and advertised it at the Woodstock facebook page.  Kim was keen.  So we signed up.

Pre race.  Emma and Bridget of Woodstock also did register and so we did our research from last year what do we need to bring.  We printed out trivial facts around the city and Nando’s branches as they are one of the major sponsors.  We made sure we brought enough water, GPS, mobile internet, Hat, pen, bus ticket etc.

Race day.  Kim drove a day before the race day from ACT and we shared her ride going to the Fox Studios in Centennial Parklands where the start of the race is.  We got there very early and received our race pack that includes a shirt, the race bibs, some nibbles and a timing stick.

We saw the girls while we were waiting and then by 9:30AM the race started.  Bridget and I did ran for the race clues on top of the “hill”.  We spent 45 minutes or less thinking/researching and choosing the strategy and which challenges we take on.  We need to complete 11 challenges out of 14 as we were in the racing category.  We were hoping to finish around 3-4 hours.

We decided to do the farthest challenge coming back to what is nearest the finish. We rode the bus out from the parklands and headed to the city to an arcade, however there are so much participants already where we needed to spend30bucks worth of games in the card that will earn us tickets. We skipped and we thought we should come back for it.  We went to go to the Cycle shop, where we were given list of items and identify the price.

After that we were told to go to Barangaroo, then to the Australian Hotel and answer some trivia, then to the larges Mural in Southern Hemisphere which is just located near the Australian hotel where we need to stack 3 golf balls on top of each other.  Kim was able to stack the balls.  Then we headed to Woolloomoolloo for Harry’s pies then to a lolly shop in Kings Cross where we needed to eat some of the weirdest tasting lollies.  Saltiest, Sourest and just a normal better one. (This is all running!! my legs were getting tired and i wore the footwear my VFF Komodos, i can feel my calves burning!).  Anyway we needed to do some Kayak, some swim some hoops.  Kayak i was uncoordinated according to Kim so we were slow there and then Kim had to swim coz i am a bad swimmer.  All I actually did was the running art and looking for things :p.  Then we had to buy a yoyo so we can so do some tricks at the end.  We missed the hoops so we were 1 challenge short.  We went to an track oval where we have to do a long jump and a high jump.Then back to the Park where we gave up looking forever for the clue.  And so we just decided to go back to the finish we were bushed and hungry.  We were more tired than we enjoyed the race.

We thought we should have just joined the social entry rather than the racing category as the girls enjoyed theirs.

Will I do it again? yes in the social category 🙂

It was a good training distance too as we are due to do the Half Marathon in central coast next week.  Might be a bit too much though!

Approx 22Km: 6:09:13 Penalty of 30 minutes for missing one challenge :-/

Kim trying to stack 3 golf balls on top of each other …

Success! try it!


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