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Woodstock October’s 5KM Time Trial: 5Km PB at last!


(another late post!!! sorry, getting into a habit of not posting my activities on time!)

So its the time for the Woodstock 5KM Time Trial again, which happens every 2 months.  I havent done the past two consecutive ones lately due to one we were away in a cruise, and 2nd, I was mending an injury on that City to Surf.

This time, its the the last of 2nd to the last Woodstock 5KM TT for the year of 2011.  And I thought I should run it.  I have been diligent going to the TnT lately, so why not.  although, again, I’m hesitant scared of which time I should nominate.  The last time I did it was ending summer, humid, at 23:48 and I thought that was quick.

That day, the weather is a bit unsure of itself.  It has been raining the night before and drizzling partly.  And I was worried if the TT will happen or not.  However, I have the witches hat with me and I was told to bring it on that Thursday.  Having them is a good thing in away as it gives me no excuse not to go to TNT.

We arrived, and there was not much Woodies.  It looks like they were turned off by the weather.  There were very few of us. Brendan was there so did few warm up and strides with him while waiting for the TT to start.  Right on time, El prez started the ‘race’.

I did have to tell myself to just run on my own pace and no pressure.  I can be like that if you have been reading my blog for sometime, you will know i do pressure myself too much.  Don’t know where I got it from don’t ask me :p lol.  The oval is a bit short so we are running it at 13 laps and a bit.

I was feeling alright and good in my pacing.  I was just trying to keep on the tail of Barney and Kazu where the gaps kept growing and growing from 100m to 200m to 250 and a lap for the last two laps for me.  Marty as the lap counter was telling me I was looking good everytime I pass him, although I feel like dying and stopping, ,and doing the counts myself, he actually did add one lap addition to my counting and i realized taht was just psyching me up.  I did not have any watch with me so i did not know what time I was going but I was happy by the last 2 laps and 1 lap to go and just ready to give it all.

Crossed the finish and happy to learn I finished at 22:58.

Later at home I learned looking again from my running records, I broke my 5KM record 🙂 for 4 years ago which is 23:08! So Happy!

Was hard beating that, for me anyway … lol. Happy.

Location: Canterburry Oval, Ashbury
Distance: 5KM
Time: 22:58 1st F, 4th F Age Adjusted, ,3rd Overall out of 11 runners 🙂

Series Results

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