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Rotary of Maroubra Fun Run ’11


(Another back posting …)

This will be the 4th year that I have ran this event.  One reason I kept on going was its for the teams!  Needing to get runners to form the Woodstock Team, I suppose it would be nice to join for the team.

So we were able to get John, Tezza, Me, Kazu, Bridget, Emma in the 8KM teams.  Baz and Dot Registered for teh 4KM.  I always knew that this course is not easy, and I don’t know why I kept on doing it either :P.  Its nothings much but going at the back street of the suburb but its a hilly x 2 lap of 4 KMs.

There was a race the Saturday before that, which is the King of the Sands, ,which I thought will be difficul and I know I will get sore if I do both, I did have to choose and do Maroubra instead.  Last year it was miserable.  The organizers always put the event together with their Octoberfest activities.  Last year the stalls did not make much money, the runners were cold after the run.  I did not enjoy it as much, although my time last year was quicker than 2009 so that was not bad at all.

Anyway, so we arrived at the venue, ,and got our bibs.  Saw our fellow Woodies.  It was a warm day.  And the Race starts late like 9am.  I think its a bit too late to start the race at that time as it was already too hot.  I know it will be a difficult race.  The bag pipers were there as usual to start the runner and march them to the mats.  At exactly 9am, the race started.

This time, I positioned myself just after th quicker runners to avoid the walkers and dodging around them.  I knew it will be hilly so I was conservative in the first lap.  I did have to stop on water stops to catch my breath from the hills and I promised myself not to walk on the hills.  Water stops were my only break.  I knew on the 2nd lap, i will be slowing down, it was so warm.  Glad that at the hill almost on the 7th km, good people from the neighborhood had their hose out cooling the runners, I took advantage of the mist and spray from the watering hose, it was helpful and cooled me off a little.  Same thing, walk on the water stop, and I know it’s just 1 more kilometer to go and will be the one big steep downhill, no matter how tired I will be I will give it all, I told myself.  Not sure what time I was doing, too bugerred to look at my watch.  Crossed the line 39:12.  I was happy.  AT first I did not know how i performed comparing from the past years.  And I did have to look up from the past records, I did break my course PB of 51 seconds, and first time under 40mins for this 8KM course!!

Our Woody Veterans won their respective age categories, and Woodstock Team at the presentation was awarded 3rd for the teams (again! same as last year).  But after looking at the results, Kazu was not counted in the team, and I knew that he did register under the Woodstock Team.  And he was our quickest.  I did a computation of the time before sending a complaint, And we indeed should be in the 2nd place for the teams.

So as the organizer of the team, I did send a nice email to the organizer and the timing company – Multisports Australia.  At the end of the correspondence, we were recognized that we indeed should in 2nd place in the teams, but unfortunately they can not do any changes in the timing website 😦 (booohoo!!).  Anyway, at least we know the right results and glad to give the credit to Kazu, (our Japanese Bullet) for bringing the team home to 2nd.

With the girls Emma and Bridget

chasing the camels 😀

After the run, after having a chat with the Woodies and finishing the presentation, oh and I got a free subscription of Runner’s World for two months from the raffe :D, we went for a dip in the Maroubra beach.  Which was refreshing and therapeutic to the legs.  Happy to have broke that 40 minutes after 3 years! 🙂
Location: South Maroubra, ,NSW
Distance: 8KM
Time: 39:12 8th F20-39, course PB


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