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Felt like I ran a Marathon


Never in my cross training activities did I ever felt I had ran a marathon this weekend after participating in that boot camp at the workout session at the gym last Friday!

I only have been participating Boxing and Yoga classes the past few weeks at the gym and I was doing my own cross training with the equipments at the gym.

I usually schedule a recovery run (after the Interval speed sessions with the Woodstock), but last Friday I decided to join the boot camp instead as I planned to participate the Brook Running series in Parramata and Yoga so I thought I should take it easy on the running and do something else so I can do the Fun run.

So I got to the gym 8 mins early the instructor is still not there so I thought I could warm up for a 1KM run on the treadmill and some leg weights.

After which the trainer got there and we started.  She asked us to do this in a span of 50 mins.

Jump Push-ups Sit-ups Full Squat
set 1 50 side to side
50 front and back
100 pushups 75 situps 75 squats
set 2 25 side to side
25 front and back
 75 pushups  50 situps 50 squats
set 3 15 side to side
15 front and back
50 pushups  25 situps 25 squats
set 4  10 any variation 25 pushups 15 situps  15 squats

20 seconds jumping jacks, 20 seconds rest x 5
20 second sit-ups and jumps-shot, 20 seconds rest x 5
20 second pushup, hop and jump , 20 seconds rest x 5

50 lunges with barbells, alrtenate leg
50 press-ups with barbells

Had jelly legs after! I was feeling all good that afternoon after the session, not knowing the day after, where I planned to do the fun run and Yoga, I woke up and my glutes, my groin, my quads my abs were so sore! And decided not to go to the fun run, my yoga got called off.  Never did I think that boot camp activity will make me so sore! I felt like I ran a marathon, the pain on the quads when I sit on the toilet, and walking down the stairs was a pain, and my abs still hurts till now.

Talk about the other parts of your body which needs strengthening and excercise, hey!

I thought this bootcamps won’t do me any good, well looks like I’m wrong.  Will I participate every Friday?  Maybe. Maybe every other Friday.  Will this be the answer to the dream abs? okey stronger core :p? maybe, I will not know if I keep on trying.

What was I doing when I wasn’t joining this classes? And been cross training lately aside from running?
I’ve decrease the number of days I have been running from 5 to 3-4, and been doing more cross training lately. I’ve been doing and still be doing when I am not in the mood or late for the classes
Day a: Cross Trainer/Elliptical 15-20 Mins + Machine Arm weights + core (sit-ups, leg-lifts, core work)
Day b: Stationary Bike: 15-30 Mins + leg machine weights + core (sit-ups, leg-lifts, core work)
Day c: Swim or Skipping rope, Free arm weights + core (sit-ups, leg-lifts, core work) + Pilates Ball
And Yoga if my schedule permits on Tuesday(x2), Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

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  1. 13/10/2011 8:14 am

    Boot camp workouts can be some of the greatest! If you’re looking for a full, total body extreme workout then look no farther than your local gym and their boot camp class!

    Yep I think I will do thte bootcamps in my workgym every other week, I don’t think I can handle doing it every week and compromise my races on Sunday 😀

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