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Shoe Review: short term affair with Adizero Feather


One day during one of my compensation days or some call it days in lieu (we get days instead of money for working over time), I was out for a retail therapy.  Got few things from Lululemon, then Lorna Jane and on my way home I stopped by Motio at QVB lower ground level.  As I already need to buy new running shoes.  Both Nike frees I have still look good in their condition, but they already have served the kilometers a running shoes should have.   So I was open and looking for a new running shoe.

I stopped by Performance Sports too at MidCity checking the Mizuno Prophecy and the New Balance Minimus which both are minimal running shoes.  However they do not have my size.  I still tried the available size and Mizuno Prophecy is too much cushcioning for me and the NB Minimus has too much rounded toe box.

Arriving at Motio, ,I tried on the Nike Free +2 which I was considering, but they did not have my size.  They gave me the new adizero feather.

Look – very bright and eye catching.  Comes in Pink and yellow laces, and Blue in neon green laces.  Got Blue as the won’t clash the color most of my running gear.  Mesh, ,breathable material all the way.  Reflective plastic laminated on some parts of the shoe.  Shoe laces are neon, reflective and are glow in dark.  I think its the shoe laces I like the most best.

Feel: They say it encourages mid to forefoot strike.  It sure does.  Cushioning were too high for me.  Walking and jogging on it feel okey.  Size was not that bad.  It is difficult to get in Australia a running shoe or a shoe with size 5 or 5.5.  Very light at 6oz at size US 6 – smallest.

1st Try: Walking + Gym – all good, feels like a normal running/training shoe
2nd Try: Run pavement 8Km – okey
3rd Try: Run Pavement + XC 16 KM- okey but …
Likes: Very light.  You hardly notice you are wearing a shoe, not until your shoe lands the ground and you feel that protection you are wearing
Dislikes: click-clackity sound on the pavement.  So unnatural, must be from the hard rubber made out of the sole.  I am not use to it.  It bothers me.  Not until the longest run of 16Kms + that I realized and felt that the toe box were too wide and my foot were sliding all over the place.  And no, I will not wear a thicker socks, because I do not like thick socks.

I asked the manager how does it feel using it for running as he looked like he is a runner and he is sporting a pair. And he said he loved it and actually went for a run at lunchtime with them.

Price: $149 AUD.  Cheaper than Nike free at $159, or that NB and the Mizuno minimal shoes at $200++.  Not bad for a running shoe.
Verdict: No, I do not want them, and I am not keeping them.  I am selling them for AUD$80.  Its not just not the shoes I am looking for.

ebay Listing: Auction at 49.99AUD!!

Maybe I should just stick to my frees until the soles wear off.  I see really good runners out there and they have their old runners and it looks like it has been with them forever, and they are quick, excellent runners…maybe I should run with my Vibram Komodos.

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  1. Goatlips permalink
    09/06/2012 5:16 pm

    These sound like great trainers for running to me! You won’t find any this light with as good a durabilty. You don’t like them because they make a noise on pavement? Run in woodland. Much healthier and more fun. And my feet can slide around inside wide shoes, but you need 100% cotton socks to prevent it, or try buying different insoles. I think the orange version look best, or if you prefer, the new Feather 2 comes in a less garish white and sky blue colour.

    But please, nobody should be buying or wearing Nike after they re-signed the sponsorship of Michael Vick! Besides, Nikes are heavier, uglier, weaker, more harmful and more expensive than all the other brands. They are the most overrated brand ever! Those ‘Free’ soles are a dangerous gimmick too: Too flexible for the plantar fascia; too firm; no grip!

  2. Goatlips permalink
    09/06/2012 5:28 pm

    P.S. If you want glow in the dark laces, Mr.Lacy do good ones (white ‘flatties’). I’ve bought 4 pairs off eBay, they’re really cheap.

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