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Bras I <3!


As a female, ,it is challenging to choose the right Bra.  Specially when you are active doing sports or physical activities. (Don’t start having a dirty mind 😛 ..)

Choosinng the right one for support and which sport etc.  Early days when I was just doing fitness in a gym, it really doesn’t matter.  Comfortable, right size and right support.  Not until 2 years ago, I had experienced a very bad chaffing after a long run for my first marathon training that left scabs on my skin and looks horrible.  And learned that I need a seamless bra.  This ones I got were bike ones but still have seams but I can flip them upside down and does the work.

They are getting old and want new ones, ntil I discovered these ones!

Nike – I found them in Singapore’s Mustafa center before but did not have my size, not until I found them in DFO in Melbourne 😀 and they are reversible .. yea and Woodstock colors 😉

Lorna Jane – Found them in Lorna Jane’s Factory Outlet in Birkenhead :D, yes and they are blue and seamless and super support!

Triumph’s Tri Bra – Got them at Rebel Sport, thickest amongst the faves, good support and seamless – does not chafe me 🙂

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