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Orange Blossom Hills Fun Run 2011 – PB (kind-of)!


Which race.So on this Sunday, there was Sri Chinmoy Centennial Park where I can do XC Half Marathon, but I’ve done that once, it kind of bored me because it was 3 laps of the course.  So I thought another option is the Hills District Orange Blossom Hills Fun Run, which I forgot or missed to put in the Rundown, well because it wasn’t listed in the coolrunning wesbite, not until John mentioned it.

Undecided. My Sunday race-buddy Angela did have something on that Sunday and I was thinking if I should go race or not.  I was looking at the Race Calendar and the next race to this Sunday is the Blackmore’s Sydney Marathon, which I have not and did not want to register so that means if I do not race this weekend,that would be 2 Sundays off for me and as I said in the last post, I will easily loose my motivation of being fit and my momentum of staying fit.  It’s just how I am, I get bored easily and I want something to do.  Even though that Saturday before that, I was not feeling any inspiration at all and was feeling sluggish bit down and not sure if I am upto running the following day.   But I had a discussion with myself, ,that If i don’t run or do any fitness at all, it will not help at all of how I am feeling, my endorphines are down no calories will be burned taking into consideration that Saturday was already a rest day for me.  So I said, okey at least go out and do something, sweat and get my endorphine fixed.  I decided to run two races on that event – 8 and 4KM.  At least the other race do not start not until an hour after the 4KM race is over.  Plus I get my longer-than-10KM-run for the week done.  This will be my longest run after getting back from injury and the C2S’s 14KM.

Roadblock – RBT! So it takes 45 minutes to get to the Hills, Race starts at 8:30, so I left by 7 at home.  On my way to the Hills I was flashed by another driver going the opposite direction and i know something is wrong, I tried to check and feel, am I flat, do I have my high beams on both No, I feel some cops up the road, sure enough few hundred meters away, there was an RBT stopping all cars.  Glad I did not drink the night before and I am early before the race.  Lucky, I was let go after the cops find no trace of alcohol in my breath and saw my gym bag with running shoes on the passenger seat!

Two race, two foot wear. I remember the last time we attended this race, John drove and I can not remember how to get their by heart.  The st**id GPS made me travel round the world before I reached the destination.  I am 20 minutes early.  I’ve ran this event before and its along the park its cross country and a bit of a hill.  I planned to do a quick 4Km with my Nike frees and a slow one with the 8Km with my VFF Komodo sport, I think that would be the first longest Race my Komodo Sport will get into.

I did my warm ups on the oval, and we lined up for the start.  The start is different from 2 years when I first ran the event.  It is because the event clashed with the soccer event.  We were told to run two laps of the course that will be 4Km.

Wrong Turn! I think I was feeling alright that day, although I was not up to wining that day.  I was even feeling strong on the hills and I was doing a fair constant pace.  By the second lap, was a stuff up.  I was following a veteran lady ahead of me and she was following a little boy, and she kept looking back, and I was thinking, yea I am behind you but not that near overtaking you so don’t you worry.  Then we reached a cross road and a marshall was standing there saying we went the wrong way so we were spewing.  Well few other runners followed suit, however, now I lost my position, we wasted time :(.  I think I only caught up to two females that was previuosly behind me.  That incident lost my momentum and I was spending too much energy feeling bad about it and at the hill I saw the older lady, whom I learned her name is Debra – a Track athlete and is doing the Australian Masters Games in Pert in Two weeks time, ,walked the hill so I walked the hill myself.  And hardened up anyway and ran the rest and finished the race in a much slower time which I’m suppose to finish, but who cares, at least I did an extra kilometer and burned more calories than the rest ;-).

So I waited for 40 minutes before 2nd race started at 9:30.  While waiting, I drank water – no Water stations along the way, perhaps because its a National Park and the organizers did not want to do the extra bit of cleaning up.  And I changed my footwear and saw John, handing out his flyers for the Balmain Fun Run.

The day was warm and sunny.  So I finished a bottle of water while waiting, I did not need to warm up as I was already warmed up from the 4KM.  Fewer people did the 4KM, but number of the 4Km runners were running the 8KM as well.  We started at the same spot as 4KM, however, the organizers were honest and said that the 8KM course is tad short because of the clash with the Soccer.  (Well at least they were honest!)  And we were told its 4 laps of the course! It is different to what it has been 2 years ago.  I must have kidded myself escaptng the repeatingly running 3 laps at Sri Chinmoy now I am doing 4 laps of a course!  Anyway its got to be done.  Also I wil not know how I will adjust running in my Komodo sport on a race on a XC.  First of all I did not want to be twisting my ankles again, so I will be very careful, 2nd, few parts are muddy and I did not want to slip and injur myself too.

2nd Race. So we were let go and my pace was conservative, telling myself this is a slow 8 Km, however funny I was feeling good and I did overtake few females and I was running together with this younger female whom I recognize I think, from Blacktown Fun Run.  She was ahead of me that time and beat me too, so I did not even bother racing her, I was happy shadowing her.  But I do not know what happened, she slowed down or just let me go ahead of her so I went, waiting that she will catch up with me along the way, but not.

Correct 4km time. 2nd lap, I got my right 4Km time this time, 18min exact.  The last lap was hardest, I did walk the hill, a female overtook me, and I was running behind a guy and when I started walking he told me no walking and no stopping, I just couldn’t be bothered, but I still ran reaching the peak and caught up with him.  Few meters ahead of me at the finish, I tried to beat him but his friends cheered and warned him of me catching up and he sped up.  We finished at the same time still :).  So my walk up the hill that last lap did not even make a difference! (Who says run-walk-run is a bad thing? 😛 )

PB!PB!PB! I knew I wouldn’t place as there were quick runners in this race and my age category is always tough.  John and I finished the presentation, had some coffee and went home.  I feel better I went out and did the race, 2 races, covered 12KM (even they say 8KM was short – I did an extra bit on my 4KM during that wrong turn), I beat my 8Km PB, I beat the event PB and of course, burned some calories.

Location: Hills District, NSW
Distance: 4Km
Time: 19:47 7th FOall

Distance: 8Km
Time: 35:53 5thFOall, PB, course PB


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