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Bankstown Hidden half 2011


Just coming back from injury, rest for 1 week and a half and two weeks of races, I decided to come back to Sunday Races, otherwise i’ll just get lazier and de-motivated.

So September 4, 2011, everyone who are regualr to racing in Woodies are doing the half at Bankstown Hidden Half Marathon hosted by the Westies Joggers in preparation in their big races to either Blackmore’s Sydney Running festival or in Auckland Marathon, except me, Dot and Peta who are running the 5Kms.

I have ran this course in same distance two years ago, same thing, just coming back from injury.  Also I always knew that the half marathon distance of this event has a certain degree of difficulty in terms of course profile.

So the Half Marathon runners started at 8am, we follow 30 minutes after.  I do no know how I would perform in this run.  But I told myself I will try my best, (maybe if lucky – break a course PB).  But if the foot acts up who knows.  So by 8:30 we were off.  I knew i did ran a bit too quick too soon.  And had slowly faded by 3.5 kilometer or so that 2 other females overtook me.  I did not walk on the hill, however on the last kilometer I was spent and started walking, and the girl just behind me overtook me but did encourage me to keep on going, so I achnowledged and kept on going.  My legs, my breathing are just not the best that day, and I was soft and did not harden up!

Look for me ...

It was just few hundred meters to the end and the girl who encouraged me sprinted and still beat me!  Anyway, I finished just under 24 minutes, I am not sure if it was a course PB or not when I finished.  I was happy otherwise, coming back from an injury running under 5min/Km. But later that day, i learned that I was actually 9 minutes slower that two years ago! Bummer!  Anyway that”s alright 🙂

So we watched the presentation finish until Dot and Kerry got their awards and went home.

Location: Lake Gillawarna, Bankstown
Distance: 5KM
Time:23:46, 4th F/Age cat, 11th FOverall


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