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Woodstock Handicap # 3-2011


So after resting for a week and a half, should suppose to be two week, but I was getting cranky and restless and anxiuos So I told myself, I’d run the Handicap slower.  I already missed the 5KM TT and just helped on the timing to give the foot a rest.

First I nominated 35.30.  And the night before i thought, that time would still be pushing my feet hard so I asked Colin if I can change my time to 36.30 instead.

Arrived on time on Handicap day and the time was changed.  I was just few seconds behind and ahead of Lawrence Ullio and David Blackwell.  It has been weeks that I’ve ran the bay, I did not know what pace I am going and I tried to slowly run and get it at 36 at least.  I stopped in all the water stations, rested and stretched even… ran with Dot for a bit and then Teresa.

And ran slowly before crossing the line … and I ran it too quick! And so I am Disqualified  :P.  Finished it at 35:19! next HC, maybe I should do a practice again on my ex-stomping grounds.

Location: Bay Run
Distance: 7Km

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