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Was Injured again!


Yes another late post, this is a post injury after C2S and its been 3-4 weeks now, past it.

So after the C2S, I mentioned, after waiting and have recovered from the run, my right foot’s side aches and so with the archs.  It was a painful, ,stubbing sharp pain whenever I step.

I ignored it for two days hoping it was just sore from running on the event, however, it did not go away for two days, despite of no gyming/running on Monday and Tuesday.  So I decided to go to the Drummoyne Physio, where I get my acupuncture fix.

The Physio can not find what’s wrong with it.  He told me I must’ve twisted it, or stepped on something during the race day.  I can not recall any incident that i did twist my ankle or stepped on something.  And he saw some bruising on the left side of my feet.  And he says I am defenitely injured/ strained from something.  He did some massage and pressure points on the area where I think it hurts.  and he decided to put my foot on an electro heating machine that pusates electricity in your foot in minute amount.  Its like accupuncture but no needles.

I was there for 45 minutes and Physio says I should change my insoles.  He was suggesting a orthotics! umm i am not sure about that.  I don’t like running shoes with high heels.  And he let me try one and glad it was too big! so I did not have to buy it.  Ain’t I stubborn sometimes?  Anyway the session felt good the massage took the pain a little bit away, but I was still in foot pain for 2 weeks.   I did rested no running for a week and a half.  And now glad its gone! Whatever injury that is, i don’t know what it is :P.  But don’t worry, i was prescribed with an insole by the podiatrist months ago, which I have been wearing in my normal shoes.  Will write about them one blog post soon!  first run after the injury – The Woodstock Handicap #3 for 2011.

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