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New Bay Run PB! (kind-of)


(another late post from an running event a month ago!!)

The Bay Run 2011 is on August 7, a week after the City to Surf.  After the half marathon in M7 last week, this will be a short race in preparation for the city 2 Surf’s 14Kms.  I havent been training much since we moved apartment, I tried to do the bay before this Sunday from where we live now which is about 10-11 Kms and that is it.  I can not remember the last time I ranthe bay the quickest and the last time I joined this running event was two year ago.

I wasn’t sure if i did want to run this event, as it is a bit expensive and I know I can run it timed with the Woodstock Handicap for just 2 dollars.  But since there was a team category, in the spirit of Woodstock team, Brendan, our team coordinator was able to round up three team.  Hoping that we at least place in the category, having Brendan, Marty, and Barney who are one of our quickest and John Dawlings who is the current record holder of the Bay run in Woodstock runners’ Handicap.

So Tez and I was part of the team.  Coming from the new home, the Bay run is not a stone throw away from us anymore where we can jog for 10 minutes and we reache the start line, this time we did have to drive, okey we still can run but that will take us few minutes, half an hour to get to the start.  Knowing that the Bay run is popular for runners, I know parking will be difficult.  I wasn’t wrong, ,when we got there, just 5 minutes before the males start and I let Tez out of the car while I find parking.  While I was trying to find a space, it started raining.  now I feel sorry for the male Runners who are about to start.  Sadly I did not see Tez start, i got a car spot 3 minutes run away from the start! Gee I hope they have not started the females yet.

I am glad that the bibs already have the timing transmitter and I dont have to put chip on the shoe and unlace and lace.  I got there warmed up and glad the runners have not left yet!! I have not seen any Woodstock.  then 10 minutes we were off.  I was hoping and I did want to do a quick time in this even.  I wanted to push myself, at least break my record in this same event 2 years ago and not put the Woodstock team down.  There were lots of very very good runners of any age.  I was trying to catch up with this woman in his 50s who is around 10 meters ahead of me.  Alas I was able to get her at half way point! But she took me again at 5th Km when I have to stop and drink.

Almost there

I was feeling good not after the 4th or 5th kilometer when the sticth started acting up.  i know this will happen.  I was hoping it goes away, as I try to massage and breath deeply and properly and run as quick as I could! hey that is hard to do all that at once.  Looking at my watch, 1 Kilometer away, I might be possible I am sure I’d break my last record, I was hanging on till I can hear and see the crowd at the finish.  So I sprinted as soon as I heard the woodies call out my name.

To the finish - scarey-looking-quads!

Stopped my watch and I did break my last time from the event, and I broke my Bay run PB from Woodstock Handicap!! I am happy! but how come you ask, the title of my blog? it is because the new course with the new iron cove bridge, the organizers seem not to have at least moved the markers and measure the course properly sadly, and a few who were wearing their Garmins, can admit that the course is short.  Compared to the Woodstock Handicap, where we did have to adjust the start and the finish.  Anyway, still a PB, I wish I can get this time on the next last handicap for the year in Woodstock on November, taken taht is a measured accurate 7Km run.

Our team just missed out too :(, but next time we will try harder!

Happy Woodstock Runners!

Event: Bay Run 2011
Distance: 7Km
Time: 32:10 – PB
Location: Bay Run


Thanks Angela for the photos …and 😉

Watch out for the City2Surf and few other late posts sometimes this week!

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  1. 19/09/2011 11:55 pm

    Run 5.01 kilometers in 32 mins and felt good

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