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I am back, alive and writing …


Yes I am back! I was running around too much, not running running but, running about with work (working nights and days sometimes 18 hrs a day consecutive), moving houses, Woodstock Runners club responsibilities but yes I am still running, I’m just being too run down or just very busy I am not able to update my blog. I’m very sporadic blogger nowadays, and its not very me, but here I am now.

Plus loosing our grandma/Lola, dad’s mom, whom we have grown up with since I was born at home, depressed and saddened me, lost some motivation to write and run for a week or so.  Not able to see and say last good bye to her.  She’s a good lady and I will defenitely miss her.  She died 17th of July at the age of 96.   A week after that I came back running dedicating my M7 half-marathon to her.

There will be 4 late entries in this blog and I hope you my readers would still bother reading and enjoy reading it :).

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  1. 15/08/2011 3:10 am

    Nice to have you back.

    Thank you :), i’m glad to be back too!

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