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Cook’s River Fun Run: Broke 10 KM PB!!


(Backdate: July 10, 2011)
This Sunday, two races are scheduled, the Woodford to Glenbrook and the Cooks River Fun run.  The Woodford to Glenbrook looks very tempting as it will be in the bushes, but 25 KM half downhill and half uphill.  I’ve heard that last year number of mates like Bronwyn and Manal who did run this got foot injuries.  I just got out from my ankle injury so I thought I should take it easy and be away from injuries.  I was tempted to do this as a training long run but maybe next year.  So I opted to run Cook’s River instead.

This is the 2nd year Strathfield council is holding this event. Last year I can not remember why I did not run it, maybe because I was injured or something.

Anyway, I registered for the 10KM.  It starts at 8:30 and we are around 30 minutes away. Tez decided to join me too.  This is what i like during winter season, the races start later and you can sleep in!  We almost slept in too much however and we were rushing on our way to the start as we haven’t registered ourselves either and so we have to do that before 8:30.  Just got there on time, and registered.  Saw number of woodies, Dot, Mick, Barney, Baz and El.  We also had enough time to warm up.  well we had to keep on moving as it was a very chilly but sunny morning.

We were told that the course is flat, and a defenite PB course.

And so as the start time comes nearer, we positioned ourselves in the start line.  The 5 Km goes first.  And 5 minutes after them, we are off.

I started and positioned myself in the middle of the pack.  Which I find suits my pacing better.  I dont go too quick at the start.   The 10 K course is a 2 lap of the 5Km.  The 2.5 Km point seem forever to reach on both laps.  I am not sure if its the weather.  Although, I seem to be pushing myself really hard, i can feel it, i can feel tired and sore too.  I had to stop and walk for 2-3 seconds at the waterstop in the 2.5Km point turnaround.  On the 1st lap, tez gave me a high five, and on the second lap, I decided to try and push myself to see if I can get a 10KM pb.

I was trying to follow and catch Ms. Tracey O’Donell who always does run ahead or infront of me in most fun runs.  She is a very good strong runner.  So  it was good coz i was trying to catch her and at the 1st lap, I did overtake 2 female runners, whom I know are just few meters or minute away from me, ttrying not to get overtaken by them again just as I near the finish line.  Just few hundred meters away from the finish line, ms <> stopped as i can see from the distance and I thought, this is the moment and i can catch her and prolly just be a second behind her.  Yet I am wrong, she saw me and continued on.  As i reached the finish line I looked at my watch, and I am happy to see that it is quicker than my Sydney 10, that means a new PB for 10km!

Distance: 10KM
Time: 46:25, 4th F-age/cat; 9th F
Location: Strathfield South, NSW


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