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Bay 2 Bay ’11


I asked Tez if he wanted to run Bay 2 Bay this year since it is his run considering he said he likes this run as the coast has been his home for years and he said he is keen, so we registered versus two other runs which is the Mini-mos which we were ditching as it is too expensive for a 10KM run at 45 bucks! Bay 2 Bay costs 30.  And the other one is SMC, the last series in for the season, which i chose a 12 km over a 10KM and a 30KM.

So that was an easy choice, BUT! we planned to stay at Tez’s mom’s place if possible to make it easier for us to be already at the coast on Sunday, but she was busy that day and we decided to just drive early from Sydney up the coast.

Drive.  We calculated it will be enough time if it will get us to WoyWoy in 1.5 hours from Sydney. We woke up at 5 and dawdled and left by 6.  The race starts at 8.  So it will just be enough time to pick the race bibs, warm up ad go to the toilet if we arrive there at 730.  It was a good drive with Chookie mobile being back after being confined in a smash repair shop for two weeks!  We had a good view of the sunrise and the fog and almost a unmistakenly view of a UFO that turned out to be a plane/jet as soon as the sun has come out!

Pee Stop.  Decided to do a toilet break before we reach the start, knowing that there will be queues when we get there and the yucky portaloos.  We reached Gosford’s BP and I thought it will be too soon, I said the next service station maybe and Tez agreed.  However, we have not reached 2nd service station and my silly little bladder was already telling me i need to go.  in 5 minutes we reached the service station in WoyWoy two service station, but they did not have toilets! Even If I was looking nice enough and begged at the counter I was busting if i can use their toilet and they refused me!!  So we drove to McDonalds and there was a long queue and I am sure I will not make it on time if I queue up.  So we had to drive to the shopping center and unfortunately that time of the day, the supermarket is open but not the toilets and same as what happened to the service station they said no toilets til opening time.  Gee I wonder if this people would be in my shoe one day and feel they need to go? Anyway long story short I was able to find “somewhere” and go.  If you have to go, you have to go.

Start venue.  Arrived just on time just before 7:30.  Parked and went to pick our bibs up.  Saw some Woodies, Lesley, Deirdre and Ron.  We were standing and suddenly i was feeling wanting to go to the toilet again :(, unfortunately the toilet queues are long and I thought i should just hold it till the finish or maybe a toilet along the course will save me.  Dropped our bag and positioned ourselves in just almost at the back of the pack after the walkers. It was a beautiful day with the sun out and was warming up.

Start.  People started shuffling and I did not even hear the gun or the horn for start.  It was crowded, crowded than last year that we were brisk or not even brisk walking for maybe 2 minutes till the crowd spread out and we started jogging-to-running.  We were running almost together for the first 2 kilometers not until I saw a Toilet! Hurray!! I am relived so I docked in and lost around30 seconds or more.  Came out and did not realize it is a water station beside it.  So took a cup and sipped before started to run, hoping and expecting Tez waiting for me, must’ve not noticed me come in the toilet.  So I continued running, trying to find him, and gain back my position before my pit stop.

The Real Race. I saw my markers, overtook them and finally saw Tez and he heard me wheezing while we were running up the small incline.  He thought I was miles ahead of me.  Well he was.  Then after a brief hey there you are where did you go, I left him he said he won’t run quick today.  Then I tried to do less than 5min/Km.  What’s good starting from the back is you overtake people … And I caught up with Lesley, and said hi.  And then I see a woodstock shirt whose back is familiar, I thought that’s Steve and he can hear me wheezing again as I wanted to catch him, he kept on looking back who this noisy runner is…and before he can even recognize me i said Hi and we chatted for few seconds telling me Deirdre is just hundred meters ahead.  And he said i’ll see you at the finish and I left him.  I can feel he was still behind me, and I caught up with Deirdre and said hi that was around 8 or 9 kilometers.  By that time I saw miss VFF runner and I thought I will try to catch her or overtake her.  I wouldn’t get beaten by someone who is running in vffs which is more difficult than running in shoes so I overtook her.

The enemy. Then not until I caught up to this girl in yellow singlet who was so competetive that she overtakes me if I overtake her and she slows down and when she sees me coming she speeds up.  that’s all good friendly competition, not until she cut and ran in front of me in a corner just made it not getting clipped by the tree and me not tripping over her legs and the tree branch.  I thought that was really rude.

Ms Rude Girl

I’d go for safety first than winning and almost causing an accident.  She is just like 10 meters ahead me and I really wanted to catch and beat her I was so annoyed, and at one point I took advantage and overtook her and boxed her in between other runners and I was running with my elbows out that she can not even pass me.  I held her up for two minutes until she found a gap and I let her go.  She went ahead and I just let her go I thought i did not want to stoop down to her level I was just watching her back until we reached almost the finish, she overtook another girl but sweet revenge the girl did not allow her to overtake and I was laughing inside of me.  She finished ahead of me, But I was just 4 seconds ahead of me.  Anyway, who cares!
As they say, the only competition you have in running is yourself.  And i was happy with my time, just under 1 hour, and that makes it a course PB for me.

To the Finish

At the finish, I saw Pat Mahony taking photos.  And as i move down the finish shoot got some water and fruits waited for the rest of the Woodies to come in. We had cofee, chat and photos taken after and we were kindly driven back by John to our car and saved us from taking the train!

And you can see ms Rude's real name

Event: Bay 2 Bay
Location: Woy Woy to Gosford
Distance: 12KM
Time: 59:28, course PB

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