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Sydney:10 ’11


This weekend I did consider doing the Great Nosh.  Which is a 15Km trail, which is really technical as described by Brendan.  What I can not manage to do was arrange  the logistics of getting there, start to finish as it is an A-B course.  My car is still in the smash repairs :-/ and the forecast was rainy, and I have Mcleay River half Marathon coming up.  I thought i should not risk getting injured in a trail run if I planned to do a half the week after.  The great Nosh was inviting as it would be a good scenic, challenging course and a good last long run before my Half, but I did have to choose something more practical.

There was MS Fun run in the city on Sunday which is 8Km and the distance really did not suit what I was looking for, and there was the Sydney:10 which is a collaboration of the Athletics NSW State Championship, where your results gets recognized by the ANSW, and where registered clubs on ANSW compete.  They had a 10KM and a 5KM, where last year I ran the 5KM my first run after that big ankle sprain I had.  The course is a fast flatish course around the Sydney Olympic Park.  So I thought I should do the 10KM, it wouldn’t be that straining on my legs, and I can do a long run instead on Sunday.  So I did decide, and arranged with Angela as she did plan to go and do the 10KM as well.

With Angela’s kind spirit, I got picked up from our place at 6:30 as we were not able to register online we have to go early.  We arrived 25 minutes early and got our chips in no time, did our toilet business, and warm up.  I was actually not sure how’d I go in this run, as the night before, tez and I went out and had few drinks that turned to many, waking up with a slight headache, and bit dehydrated.  I know the waters I took before I left wouldn’t be much help, it will be too late and i’d be either feeling fatigued from dehydration or not the best performance due to the hangover.  Also knowing me, I am a bit daunted that I did break a PB for a 10KM 2 years ago on this race-48:09, slighty different course but same grade, so It was just a bit of self pressure not wanting to get a slower time of what I did the last time.  I just told myself to enjoy the run, and stuff it if I am slower than the last results I had.  And that psyche talk did the trick and I wasn’t that nervous.

Saw Dot, who was running for the Bankstown athletics and Daniel from Woodstock.  Said hellos to CR friends Linda and Rach at the start.  And on the dot, the gun went off at 7:45.  It was a quick run, I was running constantly alongside with two other females of different older age group and are running for an team.  One was for Mingara and one is from Bankstown.  Oh boy they are really fit and strong.  I told myself, If I keep on running with them on the same time, prolly it is good to just try to keep up with them at least.  If I finish a 48 Mins I will be happy.  By the time we reached 1st water station, my legs were tired and fatigued, and I did want to stop, and that was just like 3 Kms. I did walk and drink.  Although looking at my watch, I did have negative splits, so either I am dehydrated or did run too quick too soon.  I thought I should just keep on going on and forget about the 48 minutes.  If I stop, Id feel guilty and run again in the arvo to compensate a DNF!  So I just kept on going.  Ms. Bankstown, known as Sue who had lots of cheerers from her team mate everytime we pass them that’s how I learned her name, was just behind me breathing on my neck.  It was actually pushing me not to stop.  Returning for the 2nd lap on the turn around point was bit tiring as its a slope of slight ncline yet considerabbly still flat.  Ms. Mingara still in from of me and Bankstown behind me.  We were all running at the same pace.  At 7Km i did a PB unofficial at 32.17 (vs 32.54 – flat course at Bay run).  At that time it did lift my spirits and inspired me to keep on going and a possibility of 46 minutes if i try and push myself harder at the last 3 Km.

Just after the turn around point. Not the best looking abs photo :-/, still bad form with the arms, need to be corrected

At the water station, I did have to stop again and just take a breather, walked a few seconds (stuff that 46 minutes ! lol), and the two ladies I was with did over took me while I was walking and hydrating, but as soon as they passed me, I started to run again, and this time I did had a second wind, I overtook Ms Bankstown, and overtook Ms. Mingara.  Afraid they’d come back for a revenge and overtake me, I tried to add few speed in my legs but someone behind said Hi “Woodie” and it was Bryan from Striders (also a Woodie).  And he run in front of me.  Wish I can run as quick as him.  Trying to keep up with him, I just tried to focus, I was tired and puffed.  It was actually good as he was pulling me quicker and overook more runners on the way to the finish.  I’m counting Ks to go.  9Km and I just can’t wait, I am hoping for a PB which I did not have on the top of my head my exact quickest 10Km around 47.4x I think so If I finish earlier than that I will be happy.  No my female friends did not catch me in the last few hundred meters, although I was still anticipating a sprint finish from them though.  And was never happier when i crossed the mats at 47.27 on my watch.  Although I know I did start my watch s fraction of time after the gun went off, and I would have stopped my watch before my chip got registered.  So I officially finished at 47:29.  And i was glad and happy, I did a PB!

100M to the finish - Photo borrowed from photosinaflash

Just 26 seconds quicker from the last at Brighton Beach 2 years ago, still a PB is a PB :). I waited for Angela and Dot to cross the finish line, where Dot did an upset surprise and came ahead of Angela a minute or more ahead of her.  Both are happy in their times too.

As i write this peice, yes I did manage to do my 18Ks no dramas despite the Sydney:10 race, it was a good fitness weekend for me.

Event: Sydney:10
Location: Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush
Distance: 10KM
Time: 47:29, PB of 26 seconds


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