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Bondi Barefoot ’11


Just like any other winter Sundays, you know that its the running/racing season when runs are all at the same date on a Sunday.  Again on this Sunday, I had two choices, The Bankstown Fun Run and the Bondi Soft Sand.  I’ve done both runs.  Both are difficult in different ways.  But I have not run the Bondi soft sand lately due to injuries last year so I thought why not do that run this Sunday?

So on Friday arvo, just before the online entries close, I registered as I was still feeling half as I did want to do a longer run as I registered for Mcleay River Half Marathon that will be happening in two weeks time.  But I thought, Bondi Soft sand is also difficult but different with the road races.  Feeling bit nervous as first time I did it, I counted wrong laps and did more, and the second time I did it, I was sssssooooo slow! So what about this year?

Tez decided to drive me to Bondi and made it their very early, enoug time to get my registration sorted out meaning get my race singlet and arms marked (no bibs here).  It was a gloomy, cold Sunday.  And end up standing around 20 minutes before the start.  Did a short warm up on the pave side walk while other competitors already are warming up in the sand.. .soft sand.  You have to take note that running in soft sand is difficult compared to running to wet, compact sand where the water meets the shore kind of thing.  Talking to to myself, i don’t think I’d warm up in the sand, I’d be buggered by the start of the race…your achilles and calves get really worked out.  Although I was considering running on my Vibram FF sprints but in my experience, it is still better to run on your skin barefoot.

4Km competitors headed to the start and there’s so much of us well not so much compared to road running.  But more compared to those doing 10KM.  So 4 Km runners will be doing 4 laps of the beach.  On time the horn started and we ran, and yes I can already feel it by 10 meters how difficult it is to be running in the soft sand.   I was thinking, more than 3 more laps of this, would I be able to finish?  I also do not train in soft sand you see.  So I passed tex who is taking photos and videos of the event I waved but I was actually telling him mentally.. ugh this is tough is it over yet?  So i just tried relaxing and find the right pace and strides, which dugged up sand should follow.  As I find that it’s either very dugged up sand is easier to follow as it is already compacted and you dont sink and you dont do much effort striding, or you run on the un-ran bits yet if you are lighter and you shuffle quicker.  Also I already learned from the last two events I did this, that closest on the wall from the beach has more compacted sand that i did ran alongside the wall as I can, which I notice quicker runners have been doing too.  I saw one or more wearing socks, which I think is not a bad idea, your feet still is warm.

I was glad to have done the 2nd lap and it seem to be much easier than the 1st one, and the 3rd and 4th laps follow, they were easier than the 1st one.  I started overtaking few runners by that time.  Last Lap, can’t wait.  I was counting by memory how much more hundered meters and i’m done with this.  And happy by the return to see the finish chute and the cones leading the mats separating from the 10Km runners.   I finished 25:20.  And a coure PB and way quicker than the last of 40 mins!!! So I am happy with that.

Lap 3

Chasing the VFF man

Suppose to do the Bolt but Tez had scheduled an errand so i have to compromise having him driving me there I have to sacrifice, anyway, I am happy with the PB :).

not the quickest but at least finished ahead half of the pack

: Bondi Barefoot
Location: Bondi Beach
Distance: 4KM
Time: 25:20, PB of 2 mins 09 seconds


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  1. 06/06/2011 8:43 am

    Nice run!

    I’m going to be doing the Macleay too… but I’ll be doing it was my first ever marathon. You are sure to pass me on the course – I will be the one in the pink shirt going very slowly! – so be sure to say hello. 🙂

    Hi Kris, I am not sure if I’d see you, as you will be running ahead of us. You might see me on your way back so say Hi to me otherwise :D. But I will see you at the start and finish :). You will love it! See you on the weekend!

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