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Woodstock Handicap #2 ’11


On 21 of May 2011, It was the Wooodstock Runner’s 2nd Handicap for the year of 2011.   I wasn’t sure what time I was going to nominate however I have been slack and slow and un-motivated lately so I decided I should at least try and push myself.  I still want to break my fastest time in the course, but on that Thursday before this run on the TNT training the stitch issues was still bothering.  I don’t think I’d break the PB this Saturday.  So instead of nominating 33:30 I backed down 10 seconds later.

Arriving 10 minutes early, as I did have some chores closely scheduled to the event and did not want to miss, I did some warm up jog and stretch while waiting for my time to be called.  I started just 30 seconds behind Emma our new quick member.  I though I rather be inspired and chase her than get stressed of being chased and dishartened of being overtaken.  Not up to that as of the moment as I feel my mojo in running is down.  So it was past the kilometer marker I overtook Emma, then Rick and now I was trying to run quicker hoping to get a quicker time.  I did want a quicker time If I could or at least get my handicap time.  I had to stop at the water bubbler  twice.  I can feel Emma behind me.  It was quite daunting but pushing me to go faster.

THis is a new course for the Handicap too as they have improved and paved some areas.  And We did not have to go through that more steeper hill back to the New Iron cove bridge in Victoria road.  But it was still a hill short but winding.  At that part Emma caught up to me and overtook me.  At that part that is where most of the members caught up with each other.  Overtaking Barry and Dot and telling me I was going too quick, I did not listen as the last time I heed that call I was too slow! So I just ran and paced and feel how quick I should be going.  And I always like that part of the new bridge, so smooth and flat.

And alas, I’m glad to see the end and finished.  Handicaped 3 seconds slower than my nominated time and 3 seconds just quicker than Emma.  Still the quickest female for that run, having Bronwyn or Elmarie or the quicker females absence.  Happy to almost have finished on my nominated time.  That is still a minute and 3 minutes my PB.  Thanks Emma!

Event: Woodstock Handicap
Location: Bay Run, Drummoyne
Distance: 7 Km
Time: 33:43
Nominated time: 33:40
Current Ranking for the series: 1st


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  1. 02/06/2011 3:21 pm

    Very tight time nice..

    Thank you!

  2. 04/06/2011 1:18 am

    Well done.

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