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Woodstock Beep Test # 2 ’11


Beep test is one of the additional activities at the Woodstock Runner’s Thursday Night Intervals.  Which I missed week ago while we were at the cruise I guess.

So what is a beep test? – From wikipedia also known as the bleep test, beep test, pacer test, or 20-m shuttle run test, is used by sports coaches and trainers to estimate an athlete‘s VO2 max (maximum oxygen uptake). The test is especially useful for players of sports like squash, rugby, football, hockey, netball, handball, tennis and many other sports; employed by many international sporting teams as an accurate test of Cardiovascular fitness, one of the all-important “Components of Fitness“. This test is also part of the FITNESSGRAM physical fitness test to measure cardiorespiratory fitness.  It is also one of the physical examination here in Australia if you wanted to join the police.  And was told that their passing limits is at level 5.

It was a hard different session, I havent done this before, and I was feeling sick the whole week, tired and exhausted that I have/had sniffles but I did want to go out and run.  It was easy till you reach 5 th level and by the 6th but you start sweating and puffing.  I end up doing just until Level 9 grade 3.  The results are here

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  1. 04/06/2011 12:53 pm

    Very interesting, good for you.

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