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SMH Half Marathon ’11


Yes I know, I would have mentioned it to friends/people whom I spoke to I was not running this event.

I did not plan to because, I felt it was too dear registration, I am not a fan of big events and I haven’t done any training.  Longest run was the Canberra half-marathon then two weeks break at the cruise, I missed my Mother’s day classic, so it was just not in the plan.  Although this is the course/event of my Half-Marathon PB, maybe I’m scared I’d be slower than the last time I ran it?

I just did not plan to do it.  And then at Woodstock Tuesday AGM, Angela mentions he has a spare number from a colleague at.  work who decided not to run it.  And she was offering it to John or Me.  John did not take it and Angela offered it to me.  Oh yes, I’m such a hypocrite after all my whinge why I wouldn’t do it, but how can you not say NO to something that’s free? 🙂

Although this is not really encouraged, running under someone else’s name/bib/number as what happens if you get into an accident? and they identify you in their Db as the wrong person?  What if you win the race/age category and you do not match the info in the DB? and you can get disqualified for the rest of your running “career.”  Well I did took the chance.  As if I was going to win? Slim chance, Win my age categoy? no way! colapse and get in trouble? I hope not, but I thought, If i can just take it easy and run the event as a training run and run with Angela half of the event and see how I go?

So I did accept the offer.  After having aranged our logistics, dropped car in Pyrmont and walk to Hyde Park before the start with Rick, Lorraine, Bryan and friends.  Got our bags dropped off.  Saw Martin and Helena at the start.  Wished each other well wishes then we are off.  Nothing has changed since the first time I have ran it.  You did have to walk for 3-5 minutes before you cross the mats due to the number of runners participating, imagine 13,500, a record 10,905 starters and 10,842.  Oh and this is a new course.

So tried to stay as close to Angela as I can, it was actually good running in a comfortable pace and not pushing myself.   It was a good downhill and uphill combination of he course.  That is how they decribed the course hilly.  From St. Mary’s cathedral down to Elizabeth Street to the Rocks and to Sussex street up the flyover to Pyrmont.  At the flyover we had glimpses of the lead runner and realized that the course and the marshalling was not at its best .  The crowd was too large for the course that the lead runners were shouting for slower runners like us to keep in the left as they barely have a lane running back the course!  putting myself in their shoes, they must be spewing.

It was all doing good when suddenly arriving down the ramp in Pyrmont it was chaotic runners running all over the place over pylons and barricades because it was too narrow.  I lost Angela 😦 and that was like uh oh i kept looking back and I can’t spot Angela and afraid to do a stop and might cause a stampede.  I waited for a bit on the sidleines and found her.  And trailled at the back making sure i do not lose her again.  However the water station was confusing and I lost her 😦 so I decided to just run bymyself.  And surprise the course goes in front of my I had to remove my long sleeved top as I was getting hot and too sweaty.  office building! And going back I saw Peta and up back the finish, I caught up to Helena and Rick.  And I had to do a pee break.  Portaloos are disgusting.  At Mrs McQuarie’s chair I saw Lesley.  Then suddenly I had a very very bad stitch! I blame it on the eat-all-you-can brazillian bbq I had that dinner.  I had to stop and walk.

There is just 3 kilometers to go and I told myself to keep on running(shuffling) and endure the bad pain from the stitch.  Few more kilometers and I am done.

Running to the finish borrowed

Crossed the finish line at 1:57:21.  Happy with that.  No training, bad pre-race meal is not bad at all.  It was a good training run though.  Thanks Angela for the race number!  I did not realize that i was running for a male 20-29 yo category… oops!  Waited at the finish line but I did not see Angela and almost lost her, yet I found her and the group in the end.  We walked to Pyrmont and had a good breakfast.

Event: Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon
Date: May 16, 2011
Time: 1:57:24

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