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Missed: Mother’s Day Classic 2011


Preface: I am back! I needed to get motivated in writing again, must be the winter weather taking my motivation and inspiration to do my blog.  I am glad even if itis a struggle, I am still doing my normal fitness activities.  It just hard doing it in the dark and its cold, i know i know I should harden up and just do it.

Anyway so here’s the race report for the Mother’s Day Classic.

Angela and I decided we do the Mother’s day Classic in Parramata this year.  I have done it just once.  In the city-Sydney, but I did not like it very much as the route is just too narrow and is just too small compared to the number of people running it.  I know it is for a good cause, but the safety factor I did not like it.  I did see lots of tumbles along the way the first time I did it and I can not tolerate it, my imagination pictures a stampede happening.

Moving on, so we chose to register in Parramata, different course, lesser people.  I did not bother Angela how she is going to get there that Sunday as It is Mother’s day, she and the family might be doing something special on that day and I did not want to get on their way doing stuff, so I drove myself to Parramata, I know its a bit far and Tez is not comfortable me drivingn alone that far. However I still did it.

I took off early as I don’t know where the start is, and around 45 minutes later I arrived in parramata but suddenly I heard a pop while I was driving.  And my steering was pulling to the left.  I felt something is wrong with the car, and I had a feeling I have a flat.  And so I did find a quiet street to park and check, and yes indeed my tire on passenger side is flat :(.  I checked on the time, it’s 10 minutes to start of the run, and checked on my GPS, i’m 4 KM away from the start, I do not think I will make it in 10 minutes to the start.

I had to ring Tez and tell him what happened.  Missed the run, DNS and a flat.

I felt bad and guilty for missing the run and did a hard 8Km that arvo.

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