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Blacktown Fun Run ’11


On this weekend, there was just so much running event going on! It was hard decision what to do.  There was the Sri Chinmoy at Bay Run, SMC, Rockdale Fun run, Manly Fun run, and the Blacktown Festival Fun Run.

We just did a handicap yesterday around the Bay run, even if means logistically its stone throw away where I live, I don’t think I would be delighted running the bay twice.  SMC maybe but its boring, manly and Rockdale is on the opposite side of the world.  Hmm so Angela was up to doing Blacktown and we have not done that before, one of our members Steve who works for the council up that way also invited the club, so why not.  So Angela, Teresa and I formed a team and went west to Blacktown.  Angela’s Husband, Matt kindly drove us to Blacktown. It starts at the Olympic park.

We arrived very early and had plenty of time to warm up, drink coffee, go to the toilets.  On the dot, the race started first with the 10Km runners.  We started on track a lap and out of the park.  It was good that it was participated but not much.  But good to see that locals seem to have supported the run.  Off we went, after running hard at the bayesterday I am not sure how I would go on this run.  I did want to push myself but we’ll see.  The course was good.  It went on roads and then to a park then off orad and we were running on dirt.  It wasn’t that flat either, and the park was lined with tree.  I liked it.  they had enough water stations.

Start, a lap around the track

At the dirt path I was following this female whom I felt is on my age group, we kept on overtaking each other.  I overtook her by the 8 something kilometer but sadly I can feel the soreness from yesterday’s run I did want to walk and stretch.  But i did not I ust kept going on.  On the track to the finish, I had that stitch again! and why did it have to happen on the finish, I wanted to sprint and push but it was painful I was afraid I might just fart or something in front of this lady competing with me.  at 100 meters she sprinted and overtook me.  I knew that was going to happen.  I was holding the 6th/5th place during the run and just end up being the 6th at the end but happy to get the 2nd place for my age category.  yes she is on my Age group:P and she won the category :).

Medals are so big and heavy!

It was a really good fun run.  Well marshalled, good course, enough water station, powerade and water at the finish for free, a very big finisher medal, bigger than a Marathon Medal!

I received a trophy and shirt for the placing, happy :).

Presentation, borrowed from Abbey Digital

Event: Blacktown Festival Fun Run
Location: Blacktown, NSW
Distance :10 KM
Time: 49:13 6th F, 2nd age cat


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