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SMC 2011 Race 5


Had an average results at Sydney Running Festival two weeks ago, I was itching to challenge a better run vs that race, however, I know two consecutive half marathons might not give you the best results as the body needs at least 2 weeks to recover for a half marathon.  So I can’t decide which run to take on the recent Sydney Marathon Clinic.

A 10 KM or a half marathon? I haven’t have been running much since Canberra, and the week after this SMC race i’d be away on a holiday and I am sure there will be minimal running if any and lots of eating.  So i thought, might as well do a slow half marathon.   Run with the Woody ladies and take it easy as a training run.

Tez was not comin so i did hitch a ride with Angela, arriving just on time to Smithfield and we arrived less than 10 minutes to spare, got registered, and  collected the race bibs. Saw fellow Woodstocks also doing halves, Theresa and Sandra and John and Jeff.

We  jogged to the start and positioning ouselves at the end of the group.  The plan is to stick with the ladies.  The gun was fired, and off we go.  Slowly we started, chatting and jogging along beside Theresa and Sandra and Angela just behind us. At 2-3rd kilometer or so, we started picking the pace up little quicker, and by the 6th kilometer, Theresa says she might just pull out at the 10th kilometer.  I told him not to, but I knew she will, so I lost her at the last water station and i was waiting for her but i did not hear from her anymore, so I was running along, not until Carol of SMC cam next to me and ran with me.  She just ran the marathon a week ago.  It was her PB marathon.  We were comfortably chatting.  But by the 12th kilometer or so on the hillon the 2nd lap, she told me to just go ahead.  I told her I am bugerred myself, i’d run with her.  Then i did not hear from her, I assumied she just wanted to run on her own pace.  So by that time I was running alone, I was getting bored, and I quicken my pace a bit that I am still comfortable.

Carol caught up and she is just few hundred meters away from me by that time we did the 10ish KM lap.  I was already tired and kept telling myself, it is juust a training run and should not worry bout my time.  The reason, I did not even bother wearing and bringing my Polar watch.  Finished my 2nd gel by 18 KM and was just hangin on.  It wasgood as the weather is cold by dry, no rain.

I knew I will finish the race this time, I am feeling better compared to last week, shame.  And I finished the run.  Found Theresa who finished at 10Km as mentioned waiting and Garth who volunteered as the lead cyclist for the half marathon.  Time was not shabby for a slower paced.  I was happy to go out and burn some calories!

Location: Smithfield, NSW
Distance: Half Marathon
Clock time: 1:53:37
Net Time: 1:53:20- 3rd Age Cat, 4th F


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  1. 31/05/2011 9:10 am

    Well done for finishing. Hope you had pizza afterwards.

    Thank you! hmm I can’t remember what I had for lunch that day…lol. But I am sure, some rewarding lunch

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