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Australia’s Running Festival


Can’t remember how long have the Woodstock Running club started organizing this, but the preparation all paid off for almost everyone!

More than 30++ of the members went to participate on the events on April 9 and 10 at Australia Capital Territory aka known as Canberra to many.

We had Joe Ayoub who owns, Woodland Tours, drive us down Canberra, he and his wife Therese, both members, and son  Richard were doing the 5KM.

Joe and the group had to wait for us, Tez, me and Angela as I was coming OS just more than an hour before Angela picks me and Tez to Ashfield.  It was hectic, actually already have organized transpo with other Woodie mates who are driving later during that day in case my flight gets delayed and I still don’t miss the run on Sunday.  Luckily, Flights was on time, and got out of the airport fairly quick.  Although just got home 30 minutes before pick up.

Also even I planned an easy week and I knew I wouldn’t be doing much running which is good for the “taper” with few light gym work and two short running, still it did not really did good to me …. read through and you’ll know what happened.

I was hoping for a good snooze on the way to Canberra which I prolly got less than an hour, um yeah there were photos of me sleeping and not really want to post it here as it is very embarassing!!

We got to Canberra just after 12 enough time to eat lunch before Tez runs his 10KM.  We had good sangers, i had water, Tez had his alcofuel, he thinks it toughens him from the pain ;-).
So we watched the mates ran the 5Km, then 10Km and went to Kim’s who kindly volunteered hospitality in their humble home before going for dinner.


The dinner was good, at a Pizza and pasta place, all you can eat, athough a bit slow on first as they were serving a lot of people on that day and we were eating morsels of pizza and pasta and when the appetite was gone, suddenly food came flooding through two tables which we barely touched and finished and end up being taken home.  I think we end up eating too much for the carbo-load dinner.

We all went to bed early at Kim’s, the rest of the mates stayed at Pinnacle.  Run starts at 7:30 so we all plan to be there before 7 and prepare so we got good night sleep (yea specially for me who was robbed of 2 hours of sleep due to time difference and ehaustion I slept like a baby!).  We headed to the city and reached there on time driven by our chaufer-host Kim!!

I went to the loo and left Tez and Kim queued for coffee and due to long waits at the toilet i lost them, few minutes before the start and I have no choice but leave my jumper at Angela’s bag and found our way to the “corral.”

The day was a forecasted showers and actually saw a rainbow on our wayto the start line.  However just even before the start it was actually showering and guess what? The shower turned to rain and never stopped and did dampen the event all the way through!

Start- find me if you can!

So we started and I was planned and wanted to do a 1:50/1:49ish, so I was running on a pace as planned, however just even before I can reach the turn-around I was not feeling that good, with stitches and tummy ache (talk about women’s issue that happens at the same time during races!)  That as I passed the Woodie cheer squad, embarassingly I did not even acknowledge their cheers and went past coz all i wanted to tell them, I’m tired I wanted to give up.

Half-way... was a snob!

At 12Km i did start to walk my tummy is upset and i am not liking it.  So i decided should I go for a pit stop or keep on running and might embarass myself should an “accident” happen while on the road, and finish a more embarassing time.  So I went for a pit stop as soon as a saw a toilet sign and relieved myself.  Yes sorry to readers who don’t talk about this .. its yucky! I felt better so i tried to make up time lost and can see the ladies I was eyeing and trying to watch their backs the first lap, so I was okey, prolly they also have slowed down as I know i was fairly out there long for 5 minutes!!

All I can think about is the finish line and rest.  My legs were exhausted, maybe all that physical activities while I was away … i wasn’t focused and It was not one of the races i was really appreciating, oh plus the rain.. soaked from the rain, heavy and soaked shoes and socks.

I can’t believe I was able to reach almost the finish at around 800 M more and looking at my watch it was 1:47ish… and I thought that couldn’t be I was already forecasting 1:51, 1:52.  And as I saw the finish chute I can see the time at 1:50 28 … 299…31 .. and stopped my watch at 1:50:35.  That wasn’t bad at all despite all that drama.  I’m happy I finished, it was not a PB, but glad I did not give up.

To the finish - at last!

Tried sprinting with heavy legs ... yes i finished before the guys 🙂

Most Woodies got their PBs and Thien and Brendan were in the top 10 Marathon runners.  Phil and Theresa did the ultra 50Km.

Can’t wait to have a shower and put on some warm clothes, so Sarah and I did (I crashed at their apartment for some shower), even before the rest can come and we get into the long queue.

The weekend was not over as we visited some winery before heading back home.

Location: Canberra, ACT
Distance: Half-Marathon
Time: 1:50:06

Photos in this blogs is credited to Kim, Nadine, and Tez

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  1. 18/04/2011 9:18 pm

    I bet that was a fun weekend. Lots of congrats for finishing the race. How was at the winery after such an exhausting day?

    It was a good weekend with friends. And thank you. The winery was good after the run 🙂 glad I wasn’t driving back!

  2. 23/04/2011 5:42 am

    Looks like you hae a good time. Congrats for finishing despite not feeling great.

    Thank you! I agree, I’m still glad i finished. Everyday is not a sunny day, but that gives us lesson for the next day 😉

  3. 03/05/2011 10:34 pm

    Hey nice post. Even having problems while running u made it! good. And the climate also was good. is’nt it? 🙂

    Yes I agree. Thank you! 🙂

  4. 25/05/2011 7:18 pm

    Very interesting article thank you!!!


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