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Sri Chinmoy Centennial Park


Two week before the Canberra Running festival the Sri Chinmoy race in Centennial park is on.  I wasn’t sure what distance to run there was a 4Km, 7Km and a half marathon.  The work-week before this Sunday was very ectic and busy for me.  I did not manage to do any fitness at all aside from the 10Km at SMC.  Imagine I would have chicked out because of the rains? I’d be feeling very guilty!!

So i thought, to make up with the non-excercise week, I should just run the half-marathon distance and just take it as my last long training run before the actual Race in Canberra.  So I did, and which Tezz committed to do the 7Km.

On that day, it was like a dejavu from last Sunday! I woke up and it was raining!! I am defenitely going! I feel guilty already eating much for the week because of the stress, no excercise andi told myself, the rain will not stop me.  Besides, the rain in the race last week at SMC was actually nice and refreshing.  I just need to bring extra dry clothes.  I woke and made me and Tez coffee and prepared, then Tez was feeling half-heartedly keen to go.  Tired and whingy, he sounded so uninterested.  he did not want to run but yet worried of me driving in the rain.  I just told him to stay.  The last thing I did want to hear this week is de-motivate me to be fit.  He’s tired and not interested even if he was already pre-registered, i told him to stay.

I’d just drive myself and I’m a big girl.  Although it was daunting as I don’t drive through the city very often alone and in the rain.  I left him as he went back to bed and sleep.  As i went out of the garage, the rain actually mellowed down.  Thak goodness!  Now i did want to ring Tez and wake him up and tell him to come down, but then I wasn’t in the mood already of him not coming with me so i just let it be and drove myself to the race.  I don’t drive very often you see.  And I am very new to Oz road traffic and stuff so i’m nervous, but I was so proud of myself getting to the venue safe and parked!  As i got out of the car, I did not niotice but Elmarie who was in her car two cars parked beside me beeped.  So We walked to the bib collection together whom Sandra and “” joined in.

We saw Angela and John as we got our race bibs.  It’s John and me doing the Half.  John reckons he will be slow as he has been injured from his hamstring and havent been running much.  Elmarie, registered in the 7KM so with Angela and Sandra will do the 7 as they did a 16Km with the Woodies on the Saturday run.

We the half-marathon runners went ahead amongst the others and off we go.  As planned it is a training run for me and this time i wore my Nike frees compared to the 14KM i did last time on the course last Hot December day.  So I was just pacing myself and John was going slow.. hmm jogging in his terms of pace.  So I was running behind him making sure i will not slow down, yet he was really going slower than his jog and I caught up and chat told him he was going slow and he said he have not run much.  I ran past him just to be quicker.  Then few minutes after he caught up and ran past! And i knew he’ll be gone.  I was trying to pace myself slower yet I was bit feeling better because of the weather.  I was going average just more than 5Km/min pace.  THe path was not as wet as expected and sloshy.  Yet it was harder on the grass bit as it was moist and most runners as soon as the part of grass and pavement part comes up, they went running on the road.  I tried to stay on course on the grass as I could.

There were no complains on the weather, no Head win, enough water but because of the cold weather I actually did not need much water however I did try to sip at least every water station.  I do not want to regretting a kilometer away if I would have passed a water station.  That is one situation i always try not to put myself ever again which I have done in the past.

Anyway it was all good not until the 13th Km I was feeling tired and sluggish, prolly because of the lack of fitness and stress and lack of sleep from the work week.  And by the 2nd lap turnaround I wasn’t liking it already.  A male runner at the lap turnaround who past me encouraged and cheered me on and said “c’mon its already one last lap” so i did not stop and continued runninng with him.  Which we were running almost a kilometer and i was going slower and tired and just let him go.  I still have more than 6 km to go and I did not want to walk.  So i just kept on thinking, one bay run, i should be able to do it.  Just that 3 laps on the same course can go a bit boring going on the same direction your legs get bored and lazy too.  I brought two gels with me.  One consumed at the 12th kilometer and the other one was at 18Km.  On that last lap I was unmotivated and was stopping at every statioon and just catchig my breath.  After all i told myself its a training run isn’t it??  So I said I should just run and get the run over and done with without walking!! Jog if I should but walking is the deperate option.  So i started running slowly back for the last lap just to continue the race which I did.  4 Km, 3 Km, oh boy! And 2 Km!! An that means 10 minutes or less if i exert more effort I told myself.  I thought I should just pick mypace at the last Km as i did not know if I had enough or good fitness and fuel left on me.  on less 2Km I past by a marshall and a water station which I stopped and he said something looking behind me, and i realized he was telling me to keep going on and another runner is behind me.  So I tried to keep my position at least as few female runners already flew past me on the last lap as I gave up stopping on the water stations.  So I was determined not to let this girl pass me.  ACtually I did not know if it was a male or female!!  All i knew was the last person I past was a female.  I was hanging on to just cross the finish line.  picking the pace I was okey but I was really looking forward to see the finish line!

I can see the finish line and I look at my watch it was 1:47 something! really?!?! so I just ran and sprinted at the end hearing my name being cheered on by the Woodies! Oh and glad I wasn’t taken over by anyone.  wasn’t a PB but I was glad I went and woke up to run despite of te rain eherm.. showers … and driving alone.

My time was even better than what I had at Orange! so No complains I was happy.

Location: Centennial Park, NSW
Distance: 21.1 Km
Time: 1:48:18


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  1. 13/04/2011 8:38 pm

    Lots of congrats for your performance. You managed to run a impressive distance in just 1:47. I have to say that running more than 21 km is quite an accomplishment.

    Thank you. I am not sure, if i would ever break that again. Maybe if i put enough dedication in training I might 🙂 maybe one day.

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