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SMC 2011 Race 4


It’s 3 weeks away before the Canberra Running Festival and so I should be constantly at least be doing longer runs than 10Km.  It is always a good training and toming how the Sydney Marathon clinic have their races scheduled to train keen runners who wanted or are registered for the Canberra Marathon.  But of course not, I am not doing the Marathon in ACT, so, I am not doing the 30Km this scheduled one.  I decided to do the 10 Km, December was the last 10Km I did back home! So it would be interesting to do another 10KM.

Saturday, the night before the race, it was raining hard and I was hoping that the rain stops on the race day.

Race starts at 7:30, so we should leave 630 at home.  I woke up 5:30 and heard it was raining, Tezza did not want to wake up and was not keen to go out with the strong rains.  We also planned to go up Colo River for a barb with some Woody friends so I was hoping and thinking positive the rain should stop I wanted to do the BBQ.  I had to guiltily convince Terry to come with me, he did not want me to drive alone with the strong rain early in the mrning.  But before that, I was also feeling half hearted to go to the run, it was raining so hard you think the race wil be called off, so I went online and found Angela who is running the 10KM online who was not also pleased with the rain, but she said she’s going with the rain so I decided to do so and started hurrying up and woke Terry, he was still dawdling telling me its not on, and telling me i am already late.  I was feeling bad already if i miss the run

I feel sorry I dragged terry out of bed, on our way to Smithfield it was pouring.  We got into the registration 2 minutes before the start but I still have to register, and pay and pee, which I did, terry drove me to the start which was less than a minute.  As I reached the start Mat I was still pinning my race bib and I didnot have my chip tied to my laces.  Talk about organized.  And I was hoping the group of runners hangin around the start mat were 10Km runners and they said no they were doing the 5Km.  Uh oh!

and the time keeprs notified me they just started so i should just tie my chip, cross the map and the lady sais i’ll catch them.  I lost like 2 minutes during the start.  After running for a minute and a half, I can see the tail of the runners.  I was hyped and adrenaline-pumped from being late, I caught up to them and slowly getting my supposedly position.  It was actually good, running late, it was lightly raining, I am glad I have my cap, it was cool and fresh.  I was feeling good, saw the Woodies, Saw dot who recognized i did a late start.

I was feeling good the whole time which is good.  It does not matter if I was late, i was happy waking up and doing the run, burning some calories.  At the turn around, I saw Manal and Rach around 2 -4 minutes ahead of me, I tried to keep my position and just hang on and finish the race.  So glad to see the orang witches hat for less than a kilometer, I just need to hang on for 4-5 minutes and I’m home.  As I step the grass bit towards the finish mats, as i did not bring my watch, I see that I did ran it in under 50 minutes so, whatever it is I was pleased.

after the run into dry clothes and coffee, Phot0 by Manal Garcia

The BBq was called off, but happy to see woodies running in the rain, (yes we are nutcases)!

Location: Smithfield, NSW
Distance: 10KM
Time: 48:47


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