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Woodstock 5Km TT 1 ‘2011


Was very late rushing from work to Canterbury Oval at Ashbury, on Thursday 24th Feb.  We got caught up in a traffic. Tez was already saying we will miss out and I said don’t say that, don’t loose hope.

I was hoping they havent started yet.  I often come to TNT rushing either the Woodies already have finished their warm ups or I am 15 minutes late from the drill, but I always try to complete and finish it all.  But not missing the 5KM TT!

Ten minutes late this time, and I was the last one to park to already a packed “parking ground” no one still seem to have started yet no one is running around the oval.  Lucky! Unless they already have finished! NOT! 5 minutes to spare coach Marty and Bren are still briefing runners, i had time to put on my VFFs.  I nominated 25 minutes.

This is the second 5KM TT for Woodstock Runners.  It was hard the last time, going laps the oval 13 times (yes because the oval is not an exact 400M)! This time, start group was male/female.  We females are in front, and off we go.  Bron was ahead of me, was difficult to know a I know Bron is super fast, and I did not want to start too quick too soon!  I planned to run on good tempo half of the distance and increase pace as I am finishing by 13th lap.  I was around 20 meters behind Bronwyn all the way half of the time, then she started gearing up higher and the distance between us was getting wider and wider! hah! Wish I can do that.  I was already tired by 9th or 10th lap, and I thought I was about to finish 1 or 2 more laps, and volunteers said, I still have lots to do! 4 more, WHAT? gee, that happens if you are tired you loose count of your laps.  I was hangin on, and suddenly i had stictches on my right.

The girls at the start

I lapped Tez once, he nominated a slower time however.  I do not know who was on my tail, I almost lapped everyone except from Bridgette, rebecca’s friend which I learned finished after me.

Happy with my time, quicker than the last one last November.

Finishing, on my VFF

Event: Woodstock Time Trial
DIstance: 5KM
Time: 23:48

Photo credits Nadine Davies

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  1. Brendan permalink
    05/03/2011 10:48 am

    What a photo! Looks like you are flying in that last one!! Great time, well done!

    Thanks Bren! one of the better times!

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