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Sri Chinmoy Race 1 ‘2011-16Km BayRun


Running season is here, and the 1st Sri Chinmoy event is just around the neighborhood!

It is always hard during weekdays to train longer distances nowadays, either im lazy, unmotivated or busy at work, or not feeling that great.  So I try to register myself in longer runs on sunday races as training runs.  No I am not training for a marathon.  But maybe a half marathon and the last half Marathon was in Philippines and that was okey. but i was so unfit.  And do not want that.

Anyway so i decided to register myself to the 16Km run at Sri Chinmoy’s bay run to keep up with training my endurance and legs.  I did not know how’d I go but i was feeling pukey that morning having coffee and Redbull and water only.  Keys and gel on my pocket and jogged to the start.  I was already pre-registered and I arrived there there was a long queue, however I was thinking that could be the one the day registration, WRONG! good thing its not the longer run, it is for the mid-distance 8Km queue.

I got my bib in less than ten minutes and saw fellow woodies, Angela and kids, El and Sandra, Debbie and friends.  They were all doing the 8 and the 4.  Its just me doing the 16Km :(.

So I positioned myself as usual at the middle, as I did not want going too quick with the fast runners.  I actully did not know how’d I go on this Sunday.  I was running pretty solid and feeling well for the rest of the week.  So we started 10 minutes before the shorter distances.

Number of good competitive female runners are in front.  And tried to pace myself and all I remember is passing a female who is in her hydration pack and purple top and gray top.  She looks quicker than me.  And I tried to at least keep distance ahead of her for the 1st half, I knew she will catch up in the end.  Passed few females.  And I was passed by two in the first lap.  And one stronge female in red top passed me the second lap finishing 10 seconds behind each other.  few times I was just behind her, breathing on her neck trying to keep close to her.  and Lost her on the last Drink station.  I even had to walk but I did not see or feel her go past me, then minutes later he picked her gear and went ahead of me!  I tried not to let go of her.  I was already feeling tired by the 12 Kilometer and i had my gel, I stopped and rested for water stops, and lady in purple is just seconds away from me and so I know she had me on her eye and not let me get away.

It was bit hectic around the course due to its narrow and shared with the other runners of different distance and the lesure walker/runners on their usual run/walk day oh and the dogs on leash and not leashed!! oh anyway I can’t wait till i finish the race.  I was not wearing a watch intentionally to put less pressure on myself having done that for the last two runs already, good if you don’t intend to race bad if you want to keep track of your speed.

It was almost rainy by the second lap but it did not.  And there were not much runners anymore, on my way “home.”  I just felt too tired so tired after the run.  And learned I finished heaps slower on how i feel!! Slowest amongst all my 16KMs.

All good, I prolly be feeling overtrained (too much workouts and runs in relation to at least 10% mileage increase per week) that’s what it is.

Location: Bay Run, Rozelle
Distance: 16KM
Time: 1:24:16


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  1. 17/05/2011 3:55 am

    interesting article, I ‘ll be back again tomorrow….


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