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SMC Series Race 3


I knew this has been in my calendar and I know its almost Canberra marathon as its long distance runs are more than half kilomter long now.

I have not decided really what to run 5, 10 or the 25KM yet.  Tomi  will be running 25Km and giving her lift, Kin who is training for her 1st marathon at Canberra is coming down Sydney to run the 25.  Maybe I will do the 10, I really have not ran longer run than just 14KM so I am not sure about 25 KMs really …

Then Friday night I thought, if Tomi is running 25Km and will wait till she finishes, and if I just run 10KM, might as well run than wait. And Maybe run slowly and just shadow Kim.  So i’d just run for training.

We got there early, 20 minutes to spare, compared to last November when we did a running start, we had enough time to chat, get our bibs, and go to the loo.

Then as they announced that 25Km runners should head to the start, we saw few woodies including Legend Dot who is doing the 5Km walk.

As the gun went off, and off we go.  I tried to stick with Kim, so we did til the 13th Km.  Was entertaining myself from the heat and lack of training by grabbing water for Kim and me at the same time, I ether go behind or in fron t of her and at the turn around for lap 2, I was feeling tired, and started a walk, and Kim caught up with me and told me its halfway there.  So i kept on jogging. trying not to slug and get behind Kim or else I’d feel lazy and give up.  So it was Kim who was pushing me to go mentally.

By that same distance half way, the heat was rising! and learned that it was 31, 32-and by the time I finished it was 33 degrees dry heat. Most runners were already walking on that last hill bit when I got there.

I took all three gels, and finished them all.  And all i can think was 7 Km more, one bay run to go and im done.  And plus I did not want to be in that heat any longer so I braved a run walk run walk and ran the last 5 Km slowly finished in one peice and there were not much people at the finish anymore! That was how long i took running, and it was the slowest 25Km i had.  Still happy I finished and overtook 2 females and i was overtaken by 2 females too! hah!

Location: Smithfield, NSW
Distance: 25Km
Time: 2:27:15


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