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Warrior Dash @ Sydney


So I have seen this in Facebook from friends Manal/Fumi and i did “like” it.  It is an Amrican event and was told they will soon put up a race in Sydney.

Month has passed and I saw Angela registered for it. And i had a look and I thought, look exciting and different.  Looked at the info and the obstacles, as I am not a very good bike rider in trails or a good swimmer in strong current.  It looks like its not goin to be involved with those things.  So i registered.  Good stuff, 50 AUD for registration that includes a shirt, a fuzzy warrior hat, medal and a beer and adventure and fun.

And that only few dadys after I realized it is the same day as the Woodstock Handicap run, 7Km.  So it was silly of me of registering and not looking at the calendar! Never have done a run twice in a day you know.  And an adventure race first time I don’t know what to expect.  So that was the reason I had to conservatively nominate a time so I can have enough energy in the afternoon for this Warrior dash.

Angela, EL and I were registered and agreed to meet at Angela’s at 12:30 and I was 10 minutes late.  We were planning to run in an earlier wave even if we were scheduled to run on the 3pm wave.  Yet we just arrived there just on time for our wave, although El was able to run with us 30 minutes earlier her wave time.

The redfrog events, the organizer of this event, had 6K++ registrants! That the race started by 11am, 500 participants per wave.  That was very evident.  As we rode down the Glenworth valley, it was a slow queue of cars going down the event.  We reached there, lots of cars were already parked and two tourist buses! Popular.  It was fun and exciting and a bit daunting seeing participants who were already done with their “race” and they are all covered with dirt, oh not just dirt, i mean MUD! Mud all over.  So I thought uh-oh I hope i don’t drwon in mud being short.

I was worried about the crossing the river part.  It says waist deep, but don’t you think waist deep is relevant to a person’s height?!? it might be chest deep for me you know :P.  The course involves 5 Km course and 10 obstacle course.  People who already finished their race are qued in a cleaning area where they hose you with water, some who do not want to wait on the long queue, muddied the river and rinsed there.  There were concert as mentioned going on during the event.

We picked our race packs, took photos of our clean selves, queued for bag drop off, and waited when we started.  Then off we go.

It was a solid 3Km trail run.  Crowded as people were not really running but walking and it was narrow.  And i was careful after seeing someone who ran in the ditch got twisted ankle! And i did not want that happening to me again!!  Also i did not know what to expect so I am very careful not want to put myself into an accident that I am not able to do any fitness for half the year.

First obstacle was the Warrior wall, which is about 4 foot tall wooden wall you have to climb up ad run through tires twice.  Then More tyres on the way but higher.  then we had to run on Mud, but seeing that it has started since 11am, the mud has ran out 😛 and it was not much difficult but still very slippery if you are not careful as it already 5000 people already stomped on the course.  Then next was crossing the river over ropes.  I did not know how deep the water is so i just took my time to cross slowly but surely and i did not care if the patricipant behind me have to wait.  Safety first!  Then next is another MUD!! it was wasit deep, and unequal depths.  Now i remembered when one guy who we asked for our photo taken said, tie your shoes properly.  The mud was sucking our shoes! I almost lost my shoe twice.  I had to twist and gather all my core  strength to pull my leg and minding that my shoe comes out with my foot! I did not want to use my hand and pick the shoe as it will put me more in a difficult balance.  It came to a point of deciding should I leave my shoes and do the rest barefoot? and I thought its still around 2 Km to run, I am not familiar of the course, i did not want to risk it.

Then next was a river but only really a wasit deep.  Then next is a climb over a plank and slide down.  It was around 8 feet tall off the ground so if you fall, it was possible you can break a bone.  I was on my bum and knees careful not to fall!  Comes next is the climb up the knotted rope, fairly high, and I was nervous and knowing very scared of heights i was afraid i might tumble upside down and fall the other side of the wall, luckily i did not!

SUrprisingly I still had enough energy that i was still running from obstacle to obstacle and high from adrenaline.  And comes next is the river where we had to climb up drift woods.  I was able to climb up and cross one yet It was bad i twisted my back it hurt so much.  And I caught up with El! And instead of climbing up the driftwood, i went under the ropees holding them.  And from there El and I ran side by side, eventhough I asked her not to wait for me and i did not want me holding her up.  She said she’s fine.  And we ran through a car junk yard.  Insteas of climbing up and sliding myself on the car hoods, i was tiny enough to run through the cars as they had the doors open.

Then the knotted rope amongst trees, that was easy.  Then another mud, seriuos, we had to crawl as there were barb wires careful not to get poked or hurt from it.  And you know your done when you see two sets of 1.5foot high fire you have to jump over and cross over.  Whew.

That was fun, not until i just crossed the finished line a lady who almost fell from bad balanced hit my left eye with her very muddied arm and was hard and hurts but all I can think was my contact lens! Lucky tears slowly washed it away.

It was a very fun race.  I would do it again :).

Location: Glenworth Valley, NSW
Distance: 5 Km
Time: 7:21

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