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Woodstock Handicap 2011 Series – 1


It’s that time of the year again for my Running club’s 7 KM handicap  run around the Bay.

Two new things, we will be running in the new iron cove bridge and no stairs involved.

So the “handicappers” adjusted the finish as the run was shorter now than the original course to make it 7KM.

I nominated 37 Minutes as I forgot I also registred for a 5Km obstacle/adventure race the afternoon of that same day! How silly! So I decided to just put equal energy on both before i burn myself out at the end of the day.

So I started alone, 30 seconds behind Bridge and Graeme.  I should not finish ahead of them if they finish on time or around their nominated time.  I tried to pace myself as I don’t time myself very much when I run this days.  Usually I would nominate 35 Minutes.

I ran 2 Kms just behind them, then overtook when I knew we were nearing the bubbler, so I stopped and caught my breath and had a drink.  I waited till they passed me and run behind them again.  And I notice they were going a bit slower so i just ran ahead of them to have a drink again on another bubbler.  And waited till Bridget passed the bubble i started running again.  I can see Sarah in front of me, was tempting to catch her but i did not.  Then Phil, Kazu, Tobias, El caught up and passed Derek, Sandra and Angela up that hill to the new bridge.

I had a feeling it is a bit too quick than 37 minutes so i tried to slow down on the new bridge.  It was a better finish this time onthe new course as it is a down hill rather than going running the incline under the old bridge.

Finished 3 seconds quicker than 37 minutes which gave me 23 points and 3rd on the scoreboard for nominating a time you can beat, so I am happy with that.

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