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SMH Sun Run 2011


This is the inaugural run sponsored by Sydney Morning Herald that is suppose to be a part of the sporting weekend together with the long running Cole Classic that is happening on the same area, northern beaches, Manly.

I thought, I should register to support the teams placing.  This will be my first race after the holidays and coming back from none-training.  It’s just less than 7 KM, 6.45 to be exact.  So I said, ok perfect, short distance, at the beach. WRONG! you will know why as I progress.

Angela is giving me a lift and since it was told to be an early start of 7am and so she would pick me up at 6am. Early! But then, Angela’s hubby end up driving us to the race instead as it was a Point A, Point B races, unless you ride the bus back to your car or run back :D.

We arrived the race venue at 7, however it has not started yet and there was not much people yet. We queued up for toilets and walked to the start area.  It was starting to get warm.  Sun was up already.  This is not what we want.  At a very odd start time the gun was shot.  It was a walk for a minute or so.  The run was popular it was crowded. I was running on the ped walk with other runners avoiding the walkers who positioned themselves at front.

Hills.  Then comes the Hills! Which i did not expect.  I thought it was the beachside road which i remember is flatish.  Wrong from DeeWhy we did climb maybe 2 hills and few undulating inclines. My fitness level from the holidays is catching up with me!  It was difficult, can’t wait for it to be flat well at least every hills is a downhill where I tried to catch my breath back.

Heat.  Temperature rising and we were still at the roads, like around 36 degrees, I was not liking it.  All i can think off is the finish line.

I reached Manly and thinking that the finish is at the end where Siebel Hotel is as itis at the end of that straight so i was saving my energy till I reached the finish.  Then again, nearly reaching Novotel, and I thought its going to be like more 3 more minutes, then as I reached Novotel, the Finish chute was there! And a short sprint to the finish and was very happy to finish the run.  Runners were drenched just like they had a swim in the beach!

Location: DeeWhy to Manly
Distance:6.45 Km
Time: 34.17

Slow but still happy to finish ahead of the 77% of the particpants 🙂

Woodstock team finished 10/128 Teams who have finished!

Photo credits: and Dominic Loneragan

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