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Book Review: Born To Run


I was asked by Tezza last year before my birthday what I wanted for gift? Aside from untangible things, it was not hard to think what i wanted.  I wanted the Born to Run and the Once a Runner books.  Either of them will be good.

Then on my birthday 2010, I got both! I am still on the process of finishing Once a Runner, but hurrah! I’ve finished Born to Run in a Month. 😀

First, I am not an ultra-runner or I don’t see myself being one.  And despite some runners/audience that this book is just for ultra-marathanoers, wrong.

Also, it is not a book about converting runners to run barefoot and prove that running in shoes/barefoot is better than each other, as what I have been told before I even read it myself.

It is a non-fictional book with adventure, and tale about the lifestyle of the Tarahumara (pronounced Tara -oomara) tribe in the Copper Canyons of Mexico, runners seeking for the secret of this tribe and the adventure they put themselves into, the search of Caballo Blanco.

Mixture of randome characters Ann Trason, Scott Jurek, Barefoot Ted, Luis Escobar, Jenn Shelton(my fave character!), Billy Burnett, and the author himself who were up to unknown challenge to race against/amongst the Tarahumara tribe.

It talks about how this tribe had running for days incorporated in their lifestyle, search of food, going to school for the youngones and a native sport chasing a ball for miles.  The author describes how the tribe’s diet compose of, and that instead of carrying gels, they carry burritos instead.  The secret and what that black frog-like-eggs are they mix in their drink called Chia seeds.  It talks about the humility of the tribe and just like any other indegenous locals, they are very shy and run not to compete.  It talks about the tribe running on their sandals (take note- not barefoot) for the lives without getting injured.

It mentions about the Pikes peak in Colorado and other ultra marathon or hardest marathons in US.  The commercialism of when shoe companies has sponsored the Tarahumara tribe and what has happened during the race.

I did like how he animated, and colorful the author described the races amongst the tribe and the Americans and local Mexicans and the tales of endurance and speed this hidden super athletes have.

It took me 3 days straight to finish it (excluding those days that I was busy with work trying to read a page everyday) during the holdais back home.

Would I recommend it? yes even if you are not an ultramarathoner, or a marathoner.
The characters were mix of curiuos and barefoot runners and running with shoes of who displayed good running results.
I closed the book, happy and inspired.

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