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Run4Change: McKinnley Hills


It is known in my home running club, The Happy Feet, that Mon and I were friendly competitive rivals. Mon always did want to beat me on every fun run we join when I was still in the Philippines.

So this time he made sure and learned that I am coming home for the holidays and made sure the race is on with him! I was actually looking forward to doing a run when I got home, just to keep my fitness knowing I’d be eating a lot during the holidays so I was browsing some races on the days I will be home. And Mon found and told me he already registered me for the Run4Change run.  I have no idea what distance he has registered not until the race.  I was registered for the 10Km.

I asked some friends Aljo and Rivka and told me that the route is hilly and challenging.  Okey it is not called McKinnley hills for nothing!  It was a new Housing/Business area estate somewhere in Taguig.  So at least I already psyched myself it wouldn’t be an easy 10Km, and I was not looking forward to the humidity.

I had a short test run 2 days before that in Makati to psych myself more and condition myself how it is to run in high humidity and heat.  And I only managed to run 4 KM and I was so exhausted, thinking I was about to faint! So i know and told myself to just finish the run on Sunday and not faint!

Mon picked me up and drove to the race venue.  Pinned our bibs, we had enough time to warm up, 30 minutes, so we did some warm ups and stretches.  At 6am sharp the gun was fired for the start.  I positioned myself at the middle.  And slowly picked my pace, slowly overtaking other runners.  Just 500m away from the start, the hills already started!

Hills after hills. Slowly pacing myself feeling how’d I go without burning myself out.  Slowly I overtook female runners and found myself ranked somewhere amongst the top  females during the run.  It was challenging, hot and humid on the half way.  I was dreading coming and climbing back the hills we passed on lap 1.  The top female runners were very strong and quick!  Lucky I was keeping fourth in their tail!

I thought i was running bit quick and more than to what I planned at under 5Mins/Km for the first half and not for sure it caught up to me and I slowed down on the 2nd half.  I tried my very best not to walk, however slow I am on the hills, I will never walk that’s what I told myself.  I hanged on till I was almost home and can see markers to the finish.  Disapointingly the last 200 kilometers was a short hill incline that almost made me just give up and walk!  I HTFU and jojgged up the hill and ran downhill to the finish.

I was happy with the run and hoe I finished.  I was told I am 4th during the finish so that was an extra bonus, finishing and still on the top 10.  We waited till the ceremonies as they told us not to go home as might recognized for the top ranking runners, but after 100 centuries, they end up aawrding top 3 finishers only.

It was hilly, enough marshalls who direct you to the right direction, and cheer you on as you pass them.  Enough water station on every 2 Kms.  The awarding just took too long and they should have done lucky prizes after runners started to come in from the race.

Location: McKinnley hills, Taguig, Philippines
Distance: 10KM
Time: 50:59 4th F’oall


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  1. 24/01/2011 8:47 pm

    Chai, asan ang group picture natin?

    Mo, I sent it in Email 🙂

  2. 27/01/2011 10:10 pm

    It seems very tough work to do. I can only watch. Good work.


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