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Budgie Run


On the 10th of December 2010, Manal and her friend Jo organized a charity run called Budgie Run to support Jo’s son who is sufferring from Crohn’s Disease – a debilitating gut condition that causes inflammation of the digestive tract.  This was the event

The day: Woke up and it was drizzling, i threw in my shorts and shirt over my budgies 20 minutes before the start and jogged accross Iron cove and met with the group who are already dressed up i mean dressed down into their budgies and some tinsels to go with the Christmas season.

The experience. We started at 7:30 and several commuters in their transpo gave us a honk or howl, some cheered us on.

Running just in your cossies actually feels lighter than running with running shoes. However, it is hard to commit yourself with confidence running round semi-naked.

Some people think we were exhibitionist or “nudist” that we had to tell/shout everytime we pass them with their puzzled looks that it is for charity.

It was an easy run with few water stops and photo taking. We covered the distance around the Iron Cove bay some did longer. It was a different experience but goo to do something for a cause.

It was a successful organized work and the group raised over $300 from our little event with at least $100 more in pledges from the not so brave!

Woodies participating for the cause ...

Brave participants running it for charity

Running lighter

Almost home ...

Lucky pick in the raffle draw ...goggles, now i need to be good in swimming!

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  1. 24/01/2011 4:04 pm

    That looks like a lot of fun. We are all bindled up fr our runs in the Northern hemisphere.

    It is extreme weathers I say!

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