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Woodstock 5Km Trial


After two years or so the Woodstock Runners and Walkers has started the Thrusday Night Track interval trainings, by Brendan Davies, an idea came up by him and the current president Martin Amy (the TNT coaches) for a 5Km Time trial.  This 5Km time trial is good in gauging for those who do not have any idea their pace in running a 5KM, for those who have not ran a 5Km race, and to guage how have you been going with your trainings lately.  This 5Km Trial is open to all, members or none members and happen every two months on Thursday nights which happen to be the last Thursday of the month.

So the inaugural event is on November 25, 2010 at the Campbell Track Oval in Canturbury.

How did it go?

Weather: Sunny, Very humid, and wind blowing towards us at the 300M marker
The run: We were divided into two groups.  The oval was not 400M  accurately measured when it was built, so the coaches measured it themselves and had lanes 2 and 6 with a bit more distance to get it as accurate as 400m.  All need to finish 13 laps to finish the 5Km (5000m) run.  I was included in the 2nd group which starts at the back in the outer lane 5.  I nominated 5min per kilometer pace wishing I Finsh at 25 minutes.  So it was on.

the 2nd Group with Quick runners Phil, Kazu and Brendan(Not in photo)

2nd Group making their way on Lap 1

I was running on my VFF sprints (as always on TNT session at the track).  I tried to keep my pace constant just like doing a road race for a 5Km.  This is a bit different running on an oval 13 times.  Too much repeatition on one direction on grass my hips was starting to feel sore by the 8th or 9th lap.  It was hard concentrating too keeping track of the number of laps one  have to run.    Although the time keepers Marty and Paul were trying their best to shout out how many more laps to go its hard when you are tired and puffed to remember.

Better Strides, forefoot with the VFF sprints, Tomi behind me

Whta's good on TNT you do not know who's the slowest and the quickest

Anyway, I finished 13 laps in a good time.  I am happy I had negative splits, and finished just under 25 minutes at 24:08.  Ranked 1st for females on time finish but 3rd on age adjusted time.

Results here

Age adjusted time is what they use during the Masters games.  Dot came in first for the age adjusted time for females and Kazu came first overall for the age adjusted, Brendan overall for the Time finished results.  Next event will be on the 27th of January 2011.

Thanks Nadine for the photos!

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