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Central Coast Half Marathon ’10


This is my 3rd year to run this event.  Second to run the half marathon, as I’ve ran the 9Km last year.

This year it was scheduled a week early, compared to the last two ones I’ve joined which is december and usually very very humid.  Because of this I thought the weather/humidity won’t be as harsh as December and would be able to do the half okey.

Woodstock team: A team of 6 went up Central coast to run the event, all doing the half marathon.  Tezza decided not to run because of a foot injury and became our cheere and photog together with Nadine.
Accomodation: T and I decided to camp instead on the night so we checked in a camping area with the tent, an airbed, etc.  We set up the tent and at 5 minutes of pumping air to the bed, the car’s lighter/charger gave up on us. So there went our comfy bed.  Lucky we brought the doona, a blanket and a sheet.  Wasn’t that most comfortable bed but I was able to sleep.  I sleep very light anyway during camping hearing all the noises from the nature.  The camping ground btw is around 5 min drive to the start line so that is okey.
Dinner: We had dinner and drinks with the gang and watched the fireworks because the running event was in conjunction of the area’s mardigras festival.
Surprise in the camp site: Got to the camp site and surprised to see that our tent seem to be missing, umm ran over by a big 4×4 vehicle – not.  It was parked a foot away our tent door.  so wtf? Good thing the owner/driver/neighbor who was camping in their camper van said that area was assigned to him and so surprised what are we doing in his area? after explaining and discussing the reception, has given and shaded the map of where we are supposed to camp wrong.  The guy was nice and we told him we are checking out tomorrow anyway, so he was nice enough to reverse his car meters away.  Glad the tent did not end up piled somewhere or else we would have crashed into Woodies’ accomodation!!

Woke up early, had showers, and had my V breakfast and went to the registration, registered and walked to the start line.  Saw the Woodies already ready and warmed up.

Almost late, pinning the bib and still looks sleepy! the Entrance Lake on the foreground

With Bridge and Emma



At 7:30 sharp, the race started.  So many runners.  I plan to run with Emma and Bridget in the first 4 Km.  They are aiming to finish sub 2 hours.  It was gloomy and overcast, but humid.  I hope it does not get any more humid than it is.  Stuck with the plan and ran with the girls.  I ran this course with T months ago durig my MM training but from Chittaway to The Entrance.  So I know where and how many “hills” were there and that two wooden bridges you will have to run.  That training day was horrible and I was crying, that was the windiest day for Sydney and there were no taps around the course, anyway, back to the race.  Just as we reached the 5th Kilometer, I picked my pace and left the girls whom were looking strong and competetive.

No time to aim again as I am just doing this as a training run just like from last week’s SMC.  As long as I finish sub 2 hours that’s okey.  So many competitive runners on that day.  Male and female.  A lot of female runners passed me (I dont count the males :P) maybe 5 or 7 in the first half of the race.  I stopped in every water stop and drunk and splashed one cup every time i pass one.  few minutes on the half way point I saw Brendan and Tony going back already so I knew I am near half way point.  At the half way point, I overtook a more senior female runner, and half a kilometer before the half way marker, I saw Emma giving up walking back.  I asked her if she’s okey she’s said she’s okey so I went.  By 9:30ish the sun was out and it was really getting hot.  I was getting thirsty, it was the longest 14Km for me, I couldn’t find any water stops! I was dragging myself and Bryan of  striders caught and was in the same condition thirsty.  I was so tempted to walk and give up.  Brian was running with me and picking his pace and i said I am dropping off he was too quick and I was getting too thirsty so I slowed down, then again he said im dropping off with you.  Then one thing you know I totally dropped off and stayed behind.  Alas the drink station at 15th KM.  At that stage I am thirsty I walked and drank.   And I felt better.

Felt better that I was able to overtake the 5 female runners who overtook me in the first half notuntil in the last 3 kilometers someone recovered and run past me again.  Anyway, I am glad to see the 19th Km.  I was folloing this lady shorter than me and chunkier and she was running in a good pace.  I stuck to her i thought she was a 10Km runner, I found out inthe race results she was a half Marathon distance runner, she did well!

Last 200m

Do you see that female runner in blue top ahead of me? that's her. I was trying to catch female in yellow top

I caught up with yellow runner at the end with same finish time, Blue top runner finished ahead of us.

I am happy to finish the race, seeing T 200 meters to the finish taking photos and the gang 100M to th finish cheering me on.  Happy with my time at 1:53:58 and happy i feel good after the run.  Oh and this year it is a certified half marathon distance.

Event: Hash House Harriers Central coast Half Marathon
Location: The Entrance, NSW
Distance: Half Marathon
Time: 1:53:58


6 Comments leave one →
  1. 10/12/2010 11:45 am

    Wow, looks like a beautiful site for a race!

  2. 10/12/2010 4:00 pm

    Well done! Good for you. It seems strange watching you run in nice warm weather when I get all bundled up here in Canada to go for my morning run. Shorts are a few months away for us.

  3. 17/12/2010 12:09 am

    Congratulations! I admire your brave, strenght and self-confidence. My adventure with running is just starting, but I already now that it’s not as easy as that 🙂

  4. 17/12/2010 7:38 pm

    cool event for meeting a lot of people. i hope there is one like that in Indonesia

  5. 23/12/2010 3:02 pm

    Wow. I would kill to be able to do this. I have been running in my free time for years when I am not working. I love to run, but would never be able to run this length. Amazing

  6. 21/01/2011 6:06 pm

    Wow! I always admire women who are into sports more so, into racing. I seldom see women nowadays who indulge their selves in activities like that. So, I commend you for participating in that marathon. Like you, I also enjoy marathons. Whenever there is an opportunity, especially if my work would permit it, I also join. I think aside from keeping those legs of mine in shape and develop my speed, I also gain friends and meet acquaintances.

    Thank you!

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